DU Battery Saver – Power Saver Android Review

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google play badgeWhen it comes to utility apps, the Google Play store is flooded. This is especially true for battery monitoring apps. Which one do you choose? DU Battery Saver – Power Saver app by DU APPS STUDIO is a leading contender with impressive features to win over your vote. Here is some of the app’s description:

DU Battery Saver is a FREE battery saving app that makes your battery last longer, and can help youdu-battery-saver-power-saver-image get up to 50% more battery life for your Android phone! Over 400 million users around the world love DU Battery Saver. With DU Battery Saver’s smart pre-set battery power management modes, one-touch controls and healthy battery charger stage features, you can solve battery problems and extend your battery life.

Why DU Battery Saver (Battery Booster & Battery Charger) is a MUST-HAVE app?
★ One-Click Optimization & Battery Saver
Instantly find and fix battery power consumption problems and unlock detailed settings to fine-tune your energy savings;
★ Smart Pre-set Modes
Choose or customize a mode that fits your energy usage;
★ Phone Cooler
The cool down feature works by systematically monitoring, managing, and disabling CPU-intensive apps in order to reduce phone temperature to a safe level and protect your hardware;
★ Battery Saver & Battery Monitor
Monitor all apps that drain power while not in use and remind user about high consumption apps.
★ Convenient Power-Saving Widget
Our “Task Killer” widget will optimize your power consumption conveniently. 

Smart Charge
Display charge status in real time, accurately estimating remaining charge time.

The best way to put these kinds of apps to the test is to take them to task on their performance claims. DU Battery Saver has over 400 million users, so there has to be a reason. When you first launch the app, it instantly starts scanning your device. The number of problems found are displayed on the screen with a Fix Now button. Simply click the button and the app optimizes the device. When it is finished, a new extended standby time is displayed. My first run added 80 minutes to my standby battery life. Though this is the simplest task the app performs, it is easy to do and effective.

Now that the battery life has been optimized, raise the performance even more with mode settings and smart charging to regulate battery hogging apps running in the background. One feature I used and really found helpful was the DU Swipe. Quickly enabled by switching on in the menu, it allows the user to swipe from the corner to access a bundle of useful shortcuts like brightness and recent and common apps. Other options offered by DU Battery Saver include a monitor that lists apps with high battery usage, scam block for identifying scam calls, and phone cooler that monitors the temperature and closes heating apps to lower it. Of course a handy widget also keeps DU Battery Saver always at your fingertips.

DU Battery is a near perfect battery monitor and saving app that proves above and beyond why you should choose it. Your device and its battery will thank you. The app is available now in the Google Play store.


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