ERH Residents iPhone Review

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An accompaniment to their recovery program, the ERH Residents app assists participants in Eudaimonia Recovery Home with progress tracking and more to aid their sober living. Here is some of the app’s description from the company:

Simply providing people in recovery with sober housing isn’t enough, so Eudaimonia Recovery Homes is proud to introduce a brand new sober living app. We created this app to encourage full recovery engagement by streamlining program requirements and tasks. It also enables residents to easily communicate with staff and track their progress as they work through their recovery programs. This promotes both a fun and successful recovery experience for sober living residents!

The Eudaimonia sober living app delivers several main functions, including:
Engaging with residents by providing timely help and support. Sober living residents can report a concern, get help for a friend, or receive addiction treatment quickly, based on their circumstances and needs.

ERH Residents immediately opens to a pleasant welcome screen, beginning with an overview of the app. This very thorough presentation reviews the sign-up process, requirements, and all of the app’s features. Residents can find property guidelines with cleanliness standards expected, file maintenance request forms, and payment plan options. The Program Menu lists educations opportunities in the area, a map with local recovery meetings, and job opportunities. The Community Menu adds a social aspect including a calendar of social events in the home, becoming a sponsor, and other recovery resources. Medication management Associated city transit system

Not only does ERH keep users on track in the recovery program, but it also motivates participants by rewarding them with points for attending recovery meetings, completing drug tests, weekly check-ins, etc. The Game Center Menu area has the user’s profile including assigned avatar and earned score. GPS access is necessary for check-ins to meetings and other point acquiring activities for the game functionality. Points can be traded in for things like extended curfews and overnight passes.

This is a spectacular way to use a mobile app as a tool for a program such as this. There is so much information for participants, not only as a convenience but to help them succeed overall. The addition of making everyday requirements of the program into a game is very smart and a great motivation device. The layout of the app is very clean and simple, making it user friendly for just about anyone to figure out. I can see Eudaimonia is serious about the recovery process and their member success, using technology to assist where it can. For more information about this sober living app, check their website here.

Take it one day at a time. The ERH Residents app is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.


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