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This year during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, many families have been put in the position of estate planning as loved ones are at risk of, or have fallen victim to the virus. What some do not realize is that wills and living trusts are only part of the requirements. EZ Estate: Your Final Affairs is an app that helps users iron out all of the messy estate details their survivors will need to deal with after they are gone. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

EZ Estate is an all-inclusive app to help you prepare your final affairs. Estate planning, wills & trusts, funeral planning, and bill organization – now all in one place. Record complete information and instructions for your family after your death, because preparing for tomorrow starts today.

Someday, the sun is going to set for all of us. The question is, are you going to set up your family as best you can before you go?

Do your family members know where you keep your important documents? Life insurance, will, payment booklets, passwords, retirement papers, and everything in between. These are a necessity to take care of things when you’ve passed. Without them, what happens to your money and estate? 

In over 80% of families, one person is responsible for managing all the finances and paying bills. If this is you and you pass, what happens then? Who knows what bills need to be paid and when? Don’t leave anything to chance.

Estate planning is a stressful job juggling all of your documents: retirement benefits, bills and payments, both on paper and digitally on the computer. Using EZ Estate, you can easily log & share your financial information, and make sure your family knows how to find every important document.

Plan your funeral, state your special requests, and be confident that your family will know exactly what you want and follow through. EZ Estate lets you plan every detail.

Getting started is simple as EZ Estate has a variety of login options available, including creating an account with an email address and password or logging in with an existing Google, Apple, or Microsoft account. Face ID can be toggled on as well which is also nice. Signing up, users must acknowledge that the application is for documentation and information storage purposes only and not meant to replace any legal advice nor is it legally binding. Next, create a passcode to secure the data and encrypt it. Any heirs needing access to the information in the user’s EZ Estate account will need this passcode.

The app organizes everything clearly by category and subcategory (such as Important Contacts: accountants, attorneys, clergy, etc.). Categories include: “My Financials,” “My Important Contacts,” “My Personal Documents,” “Miscellaneous,” “Gifts & Personal Property,” “Pets,” and “My Funeral.”  It uses a clear spoken audio interface to guide the user through the setup for ease of use, and the user information can be entered by typing or recorded directly via video. These are very thoughtful touches to be included and can really make all the difference in an app like this.

EZ Estate comes with a 15-day preview, then users can choose to purchase a one month license for $4.99 or a one-year subscription for $49.99. This includes service access and information storage. The cost is not too extravagant. This is a full-service app that seems to cover all the bases for estate planning, but to be clear, it is more of an organized template than anything. There truly is no legal applications or will software, this is simply a place to store directions on where those documents are kept and directions on what to do during the funeral, etc.

EZ Estate: Your Final Affairs is a simple and organized solution to an extraordinary problem. It is available now for free on the App Store. It is also available for Android users on the Google Play store.


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