Fit The Pictures iPhone Review

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Puzzle games are classic and never-ending fun. The mobile app is the perfect format with a vast array of possibilities for some real brain teasers. Fit the Pictures – Relaxing Picture puzzle games keeps the classic puzzle format but with a casual pace for a more laid back experience. Here is the app’s full description from the App Store:

Want quick puzzle games?
750 mini picture puzzles!
Untangle your minds! Satisfying and relaxing.

“Fit the Pictures” is a simple jigsaw puzzle game. Each jigsaw puzzle starts with 60-70% completed pictures so you only need to fit missing pieces to complete each jigsaw puzzle.

Unlike most jigsaw puzzles with hundreds of pieces to fit, you will only need about 30 seconds to complete each puzzle game. It will be a perfect time filler while enjoying the satisfaction of completing the jigsaw puzzles.

It comes with 750 puzzles with beautiful images of animals, flowers, nature, scenery. So you will enjoy seeing these beautiful pictures.

Relaxing yet addictive jigsaw puzzle game.

Fun to play for both kids and adults.

Fit the Pictures app brings back gridded puzzle play. Levels include categories like cats and dogs, scenery, birds, and flowers. The first level starts out with cats and dog photos divided into four pieces, two of which have already been placed. All puzzles are in square formats, simply place the missing pieces to finish the picture. 50 different puzzles are included in each level, so there is plenty to keep the player busy.

Each successfully solved puzzle awards a small coin amount to add to the total. Coins can be used to pay to unlock additional levels as the player gets further along. The level of puzzle also gets more difficult with larger grids and more pieces as the player graduates levels. Though the puzzles are more difficult, the ease of play is relaxed as there is no time limit to beat. The pictures are interesting to look at and the app is easy to use and navigate. I also liked the eye-catching, bright colors chosen for the menu. There is some advertising in the app but it is hardly noticeable. There is the option to watch ads and earn more coins in the store if you wish, or unlock all of the levels with an in-app purchase of only $2.99.

Fit the Pictures – Relaxing Picture puzzle games is an enjoyable app for all ages. The app is available now for free on the App Store and is designed for both iPhone and iPad.


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