Five iPhone games to watch in 2012

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The quality of iPhone games just keeps getting better and better, with an incredible variety of games already on the App Store. Things look set to become even better in 2012, with hundreds and hundreds of games no doubt planned for iPhone over the next twelve months.

We have picked five of the very best that we feel are worth getting excited about, so feast your eyes on these titles that you will be playing later this year.

Hunters 2

The follow up to one of the best turn based strategy games of 2011, Hunters 2 is so far ticking all the right sequel boxes in it’s bid to improve on the original. It is adding the main thing that was missing from the original – a story based campaign – while also adding numerous extra features such as new races, weapons and environments. The developers have also created an entirely new graphics engine for the new game, and it looks great so far, and if the moody images released so far are anything to go by, the story should be a treat as well.

Cthulhu Saves the World

This 16 bit style classic RPG looks fabulous, and the best thing about it is that it has it’s tongue firmly in it’s cheek. Playing lot like Final Fantasy 1-3, but much faster paced, the game looks like it will suck many hours from your life – and you won’t want them back.The sense of humour is great, and when you add the witty script to the 16 bit graphics and deep RPG gameplay, you know this is going to be a winner this year.


Now, this one may not be to everyone’s taste, but to many(like me) the idea of a new Japanese vertical shooter is enough to get the blood pumping. Those of you with long memories with remember playing this in the arcade, and it really rocked, with a perfect level of difficulty and brilliant, chunky sprite graphics. The really big question has to be the controls, but if Taito can nail them, then this could be a shooter classic on iPhone.

League of Evil 2

Our own Arun took a look at the first game in a video review recently, and loved it so much, we could hardly leave the sequel out of this list now, could we? Opting for a whole new look, this looks like it will continue the good work of the first game, with 100 short, bite sized levels that feature tight touch screen controls and a whole heap of fun platforming. The intense difficulty may put some of, but if it follows the first game by not becoming frustrating, this will be excellent.

Retro Racing

We previewed this upcoming game recently, and loved every minute of our time with it. Developed by the man behind the classic Qwak, Retro Racing is a supremely playable, top down racing game with graphics that, to the right eyes, will appear beautiful and make you believe that you are sitting in front of an Amiga again. Tricky to master, but extremely satisfying once you do, Retro Racing is pure gameplay and a delight to play.



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