Flash: Send Pics in Caller ID iPhone Review

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These days people are more likely to text than answer a phone call, but sometimes you just need to talk. Maybe if they knew why you were calling they would pick up the phone. Flash: Send Pics in Caller ID lets you assign a new picture as your caller ID for your caller to view each time you call. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Flash redefines phone calls by adding picture sharing to make phone calls fun and exciting. Send pictures to your friend’s phone whenever you call them and share what you’re up to in a flash!

Flash is the latest and greatest photo messaging app. Let your friends see your photos whenever you call them, edit pictures, message your friends and send secure, protected pics with ease.

Turn your pictures into a caller ID, so your friends will see what you’re up to as soon as you call. Or send “hidden Flash” pics that delete themselves, so they can remain secret.

Send great pics in a flash with every call! Download Flash now!

First Flash asks you to sign-up for an account with your phone number and create a profile with a name and other optional details like birthday and zip code. Flash will need granted access to pictures, contacts, and microphone. The app then sends a simulated call as an example of how the app works. Before you make a call, select a flash image that will show up on the screen to the person you are calling. This photo can be assigned for just one call or every call. Contacts are synced and will display any users already using Flash.

The Flash app also has a chat capability right within the app. Pictures can be shared while you talk, including in group messages. Pictures can be edited with the ability to add stickers, filters, and frames. Photos are resized and shared full screen and selfies flipped the right way. Emojis reactions and captions with “hidden capability” give it a SnapChat feel, all that’s missing is the animal filters. Flash adds some extra protection with their time-limited photos requiring password protection to open images that even supports Face ID. Choose custom deleting time limits ranging from minutes to even hours. One SnapChat feature missing though is these images can be saved to the users’ phone.

Flash: Send Pics in Caller ID is an interesting app with a concept that extends a social media messaging app to caller ID. A novel idea for sure, but it could be lonely out there to use until you get your friends out there to join. The app is available for free on the App Store and for Android on Google Play.


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