flowkey: Learn Piano Android Review

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The flowkey: Learn Piano app is available for Android tablets, iOS devices, as well as a web app. With the release of their smartphone app for Android, flowkey is one of the first piano learning apps which will be available on all major platforms. Learn piano anywhere with the piano teacher that fits in your pocket. Here is some of the apps description:

Learning piano has never been easier! Play your favorite songs and learn all there is to know about notes, chords, reading sheet music, and the proper technique. Works with your real piano or keyboard, acoustic as well as electric. Ideal for beginners and advanced pianists.


– Play your favorite songs – hundreds of songs, from classical to pop, at your disposal
– Practice effectively with learning monitoring via microphone or MIDI connection
– Reach your goals with interactive step-by-step instructions on notes, chords, improv, technique, and more
– Develop the correct playing technique with high-quality video tutorials of professional pianists

flowkey - learn piano with the songs you love

The flowkey app greets new users with its slogan, process and requirements. Learn piano with the songs you love; Get feedback; Start without any prior knowledge. This sets up an expectation that this will be an easy process anyone can use. Tap the Start Now button and answer some questions about your piano skills. Have you played piano before? Do you have a piano or keyboard? (If you do not own a piano or keyboard, the app does note that you can still open all songs and courses but you won’t be able to play along.) Create an account with a Facebook sign-in, Google sign-in, or sign-up with any email account. Once your account is set up, peruse the catalogue or get started with a free course.

Browse songs by popularity, category or the latest new releases. Choosing your experience level at the top of the menu will highlight and filter songs by skill whether beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional, making things especially easy for newbies. Once a song selection is made, choose Learn Song to load the song. The app loads a visual of the keyboard with highlighted keys and notes as the song plays with the written music piece scrolling along below while you listen. When you are ready to play along, you have the choice to play with the left, right or both hands and a playback speed. Hitting play will start the lesson and flowkey will begin to use the built-in microphone in your device to listen as you play the highlighted keys shown on-screen on your own piano and move along at your speed. Play through the whole song or just focus on certain parts. Learn song after song, or go through the courses which include introduction to piano, reading sheet music, scales and more.

flowkey - learn piano with the songs you love

The response from the app as I learned to play a song was impressive and I loved how I could really go at my own pace. The variety of song choices keep things fresh and interesting without having to learn the same old staples over and over. The free version of flowkey comes with access to eight free songs and access to the first course chapter. This gives you a good taste of what the app can do before committing to a Premium membership, which is needed to gain access to all songs and unrestricted course content. The subscription options are 1 month for $19.99, 3 months for $38.99, or 12 months for $119.99. With the immense amount of regularly updated content, that 12 month subscription is a steal.

A great tool for anyone new to learning the piano or those that want to keep in practice, flowkey: Learn Piano is a pleasure to use and goes with you anywhere with the new smartphone compatible Android app, currently in open beta. flowkey – learn piano with the songs you love, available for iOS and Android for free.


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