Forge of Glory Android Review

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Forge of Glory is a 3D action RPG that brings adventure and fantasy themes with strategy and puzzle solving to battle real players worldwide. Here is some of the app’s description:

Forge of Glory is a new exciting 3D action RPG where you have to battle against real players worldwide to be the most powerful fantasy lord. Collect soul stones to summon legendary heroes: warriors, rogues, mages, archers, dragons with special roles and unique skills! Charge your ultimate team!

SIEGE Invincible Castles!

Choose your own strategy to raid other lords and seize their treasures! Build a town and turn it into an impenetrable fortress! Collect rare monsters, train them and use their magic abilities to protect your castle during a siege. Match and upgrade your heroes to rule the leaderboards and join the heroic PvP league!

ENJOY the Spirit of Adventure!

Explore mysterious dungeons, fight dozens of epic bosses and solve each puzzle: pass through skeletons, try to avoid Butchers’ axes, dodge Hell Knights’ fire and defeat evil Dragons! Travel through magical lands and crush dangerous monsters in thousands of challenging battles for special quest rewards.

SUMMON Your Own Army!

Open magic chests and collect more than 120 cards of different rarity! You have to match the right types of heroes to find the best strategy and master missions. Upgrade your team and charge your attack with unique magic spells to raid dungeons!

Start the app battling monsters with your team by learning to attack making a combination of three or more soul stones of one color. In this game, you don’t control the warrior and his strikes, it is all controlled on the stone board with each color relating to a character and determining who attacks. Bonus attacks can be made by connecting five stones of one color in a row. Once activated, use it by adding it to the next selection of stones you make. Tap on the enemy to see his stats to find out what will defeat him. Help save the locals from attacks and rebuild their town and upgrading the facilities. Some monsters may block your attacks with monster seals on the board. Connect the colored stones to continue fighting around monster seals which can only be destroyed with bonuses. Continue battling and upgrading to further your quest, adding to your heroes with lords and guards, upgrading their abilities with other enemies you have defeated. At the end of each mission there will be a chest you can collect a rare card.

The controls are simple and the tutorial is very good, walking you through every aspect of how the game is played. Since it is turned based, the enemies won’t move until after you have struck. This gives you time to strategize your attack. Like a lot of these games you need stone and gold, which are mined in gold mines and stone mines in the citygems to upgrade buildings and resources. The mining can take some time so be prepared to wait. Gems can help speed up the process, but if you don’t have enough, more can be bought with your own money via in-app purchase if you desire. These purchases are optional of course. Forge of Glory also features online support with other players. You can chat and even battle in the PVP mode. The graphics are very bright and colorful which is just what you want from a fantasy game. The building mechanics work great and I had no trouble at all while playing. There are plenty of dungeons to explore and enemies to battle so the adventure can go on and on.

Forge of Glory combines features of a turn based RPG with 3D action, keeping gameplay exciting and interesting with added online play as a bonus. The app is available now on the Google Play store free for Android.



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