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With the growing popularity of games like and, the addition of similar games with varying themes to Google Play has really increased. Frog Eater IO Game adds their title to the mix with a fun frog filled competition that is sure to attract players of all ages. Here is some of the app’s description: is the ultimate Frog Eater IO game. It is a frogtastic fun-filled mobile online multiplayer game where you play against hundreds of other players all competing to be the biggest and baddest frog in the world!

In, you will enjoy:
Global leaderboards, along with your own personal “friends” leaderboard. Add and compete against your friends!
Play against hundreds of other players from all over the world, on your mobile device!
Easy & rewarding gameplay with deep meta-game. Play casually whenever you want, or master the game to become the best! Earn daily rewards from completing quests.
Unlock loads of beautiful frogs. New frogs are added regularly!

There is a surprising level of depth in the gameplay. On the face of it, is a simple game where you tap the screen to jump your frog, collect flies, kill frogs, all in the attempt to earn the biggest score. However, looking a little deeper there is a lot that you can do in this little game! There are plenty of different strategies that you can use. Whether you want to play passively, jumping around the edges of the world as far away from danger as possible, or whether you want to dive straight into the action, there is a play-style that will suit every type of player. Ultimately, there is always something that you can do to improve your score and you will never be bored!…

To begin playing, launch the app and select a language. Choose if you are a new player or an existing player. Make sure to create an account in the settings so your progress is tracked. A short, illustrated tutorial is displayed as a guide to the game. The object is to hop around and catch bugs to grow your frog, eliminating other online players as you grow. To catch the flies, tap to jump within a short distance of them and your frog will automatically stick out his tongue and grab the flies within range. As your frog grows, it can then jump on smaller frogs to kill them and eat the bugs that were inside of it. If a smaller frog jumps into you they will die, but be careful, if you collide with another frog in mid-air your frog will be the one to bite the dust. Just be sure you are the bigger frog in the equation before you jump, or your session is over. is simple yet entertaining. The environment is pleasant to look at and it is quite calming to play with soothing nature sounds as the background noise. As relaxing as it can be, there is also a competitive edge to the app. Extra points are awarded when hopping and killing other froggies, especially if that player has smashed you before. The revenge aspect keeps you on alert for those that have previously crossed your path, and with fresh online players all the time, it never gets boring. There are lots of incentives to play including daily quests that will earn you rewards and keep you logging in every day. Earn coins for watching ads and submitting frog designs which may appear in the game. Coins earned can then be used to customize your frog into crazy colors that are sure to make you stand out among the rest. The app is ad-supported but they can be removed with a simple in-app purchase.

This is a lovely game for all ages and I highly recommend. Who knew being a frog could be so much fun? Frog Eater IO Game app is available now on Google Play for free and will soon be available for iOS. You can find out more about them on their website


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