HealthChampion iPhone Review

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Healthcare is on everyone’s mind these days. With the recent state of the world, staying healthy is a very big concern. One thing that can vastly help is to track one’s own health and wellness. The HealthChampion – Health Guide app is here to help with all-in-one health tracking. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Use HealthChampion to:
1. Track symptoms and log health journal entries
2. Review your health data in a convenient timeline
3. Sync your electronic health records and smart health accessories
4. Pull up your timeline when meeting with medical providers
5. For parents & caregivers: share profiles with your spouse, co-parents, or other caregivers
6. Participate in health improvement pathways

Manage your health care, track your symptoms, enable remote monitoring and control your family’s health and medical data with HealthChampion, a HIPAA Verified medical app.

HealthChampion is a health and medical app that pulls your health data from hospitals and health systems, as well as many of the top fitness and medical devices.

Start by registering with HealthChampion with an email address. The app is compatible with Face ID for sign-in once the account is created, keeping it safe and convenient. Upon opening the app’s main timeline, a lot of information appears on the screen. Fortunately, the app walks you through, providing a Get Started Here banner at the top and a welcome button to begin the guide. This goes over the features included starting with how to log a temperature and update the private health journal. Next, complete the profile with name, birth date, and gender information. Lastly, get connected by adding electronic health records and fitness or medical devices with existing health data.

The app is HIPAA verified so users can digitally agree to an in-app HIPAA authorization to assure compliance. Private health records from healthcare providers are synced securely after a required ID verification process that is done through services from Fully-Verfied. Along with synced records and health information, manual tracking of items can also be added like medication with dosage information. Add others to the people section to keep track of family members you care for as well.

HealthChampion truly creates an impressive, organized space for all medical and health data to be stored. I found the setup process to be very simple to navigate and all of my information is displayed in easy to read graphs for tracking. As someone who suffers from a chronic illness, an app like this is a game-changer. The ability to have everything in one place and reference later during doctor visits adds some much-needed consolation.

At this time, with many dealing with a world-wide pandemic, apps like these are more useful than ever. HealthChampion is doing its part, recently updating the app to include an area for tracking COVID-19 symptoms if needed with links to reliable and trustworthy resources for more Coronavirus information.

Whether monitoring a medical condition, or your overall health, HealthChampion – Health Guide has you covered. The app is available now in the App Store for free. Android users can also find it in the Google Play store here.


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  2. A great step ahead for apple users all around the world.This app Track symptoms and log health journal entries and reviews your health data in a convenient timeline.

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