Hero Legends Android Review

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Role-playing games are a staple in gaming, creating immersive worlds for gamers to enjoy. Now with mobile apps, users can take those worlds with them to play when they please. Hero Legends by Fire-Point Interactive Inc, is coming to Google Play to excite and entertain gamers on the go. Here is some of the app’s description:

Hero Legends combines the best parts the role-playing games and strategy games and flawlessly, then blend them with beautifully designed fantasy characters to create a unique and exciting experience.

You are the brave ruler of a Floating City, came back as a survivor of the epic war. But the kingdom is fallen apart, survival is not enough, recruit legendary heroes and build a formidable army to bring Order or Chaos to the world!
Designed to be an enjoyable Strategy RPG for those on-the-go, Hero Legends is optimized for mobile devices: from content to controls, for hardcore and casual players.
Instead of spending long hours to experience the highlights of an RPG adventure, you can finish a mission in a few minutes and come back later or continuously play many missions in one go as you wish.

• A Perfect Union of RPG and Strategy
• Two Camps to Choose from: Order and Chaos
• Over 70 Types of Unique Units
• Every Hero is Unique
• Beautifully Designed Characters
• Explore the World
• Quick and Fun Battles 
• World Chat

Soldiers and enemies have destroyed your homeland. Warriors say war has just begun and they will show no mercy. Choose your side, Order or Chaos. The Order side is full of human, dwarves, elves and halflings all who vowed to defeat evil and restore order to the world. The Chaos side is destructive and unruly, descendants of subhuman, beast men, demons and pixies. Once you select who you are fighting for, enter your name and select Expedition Begins to start your quest.

The story opens to the characters as they arrive at the ruins of The Capitol which the enemies have taken over. Your team must destroy all the enemies. Click the map to enter level 1 and start training. Like many of these games, there are tasks, battles and training to further your team. Upgrade the castle for future battles, collect building materials and learn how to fight. Back and forth upgrading and training is the key to growing your heroes and then defeating the other side.

Hero Legends combines beautiful characters with an intriguing story and strategy play that sucks you in. The always classic good versus evil theme keeps it simple while guiding you through the battles. There is a lot of information thrown at you in this game, but the good thing is it walks you through each level step-by-step. Playing it, I felt like it was a lot less confusing than ones I have played and given up on in the past. The attack format is perfect for mobile devices while still making the battle exciting. I also really like the Auto-Battle feature. Perfect when you are in the mode of leveling up the team. There are still a few bugs here and there that need to be tended to, for instance attack animations freezing the game, but this is a beta version, so some issues are to be expected. I only experienced a few.

Hero Legends is a fun and engaging RPG that anyone can enjoy. The public beta version of the app is available today in the Google Play store. There will also be an iOS version on its way soon.



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