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Address book management can be time-consuming, especially when there are so many to manage in the digital age. Homepage – Smart Contact List is an app looking to solve this problem for good. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Keep your contacts up to date with HomePage’s cloud-based smart contact list. Consolidate your contacts from across your email accounts, social media and address books and keep them current so you can always stay connected.

HomePage helps you stay in touch with colleagues, business contacts, friends and family by managing all your contacts. Contact info is consolidated and updated instantly from across your networks.

Organize your contacts and messages, network and connect instantly, regardless of life’s changes. Star important texts or flag others for follow-up to stay connected and organized.

Contact info from across your social media networks, phone, text and email is consolidated and updated instantly. With HomePage, you won’t have to worry about mailing an outdated email address or messaging an old account.

A Homepage account can be started with the Sign in with Apple option, a current Facebook login, or by creating a new account login. Once in the app, complete the profile and privacy settings. The profile MyCard includes areas to add all social page links, work history, and business information if applicable. Settings allow users to button up privacy allowing only those chosen to see certain areas. Much like social networks such as Facebook, these can be restricted to contacts only or allowed for all connections.

The layout for Homepage is very polished. Familiar like other social media it includes a wall, which is similar to a feed where posts can be made and liked, a message area, and of course, all the contacts. Contacts can be sorted into favorites for additional organization. These favorites’ activity posts can be accessed more easily as well next to the wall feed. Allow access to the address book on the device to see those listed in the app and invite friends and acquaintances alike to join Homepage who are not already members.

Now, each contact has their own MyCard with all of their information completed. The unique thing about Homepage is when anyone updates that information, it updates for everyone else in their contacts as well. So no more sending updated email addresses, phone numbers, or social media profiles to those that users want to stay connected with. And when meeting new people, the QR code attached to the MyCard profile allows for users to have them scan and receive all of this contact information at once into the app.

I love the idea behind the app. With all the people being managed in work and home emails plus social media groups it would be wonderful to have everyone in one place. My biggest gripe with Homepage though is this also feels like another thing to manage, and first, I have to get everyone to join. It doesn’t integrate with any existing contact system or import those I have already, but, pending that struggle, it could be a game-changer.

Homepage – Smart Contact List has some great ideas as long as you are willing to start fresh and can get your colleagues to do the same. The app is available for free from the App Store. Android users can also find it on Google Play.


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