Hoverwatch Android Review

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In the digital age it is almost impossible to make sure your family is being safe. It never hurts to be more safe than sorry, whether it’s your kids or even employees. To have total control, you need monitoring software. Hoverwatch has you covered. Here is some of the application’s description:

Protect your Kids with Invisible Mobile Tracker

Live Tracking for Android Devices

Unrestricted communication opportunities can be good, can be bad. Do you know who calls or texts your kids? With Hoverwatch Mobile Tracker you can know while they are out. Install it on their Android smartphone and monitor their activities with convenient online access.

Locate Your Kids

Location, location, location! Phone Tracker helps you find your kids’ whereabouts right away. Location history is saved and retained, allowing you to get back to any point of time to see where your kids are and where they were minutes, hours or days ago.

Secure Online Access

Record calls, intercept text messages, log browsing sessions and search histories, detect SIM card changes and do a lot more with Free Mobile Tracker. You can access this data securely by logging in to your personal account online. All you need is a web browser. Use any desktop or mobile device, like your smartphone!

First, sign-up for an account at hoverwatch.com. You can use a trial version to check it out for free and monitor Windows PCs, Macs, and Android devices. Once you have your account set-up, login on the Android device you would like to install it on. Be aware it will have settings that may flag as a virus as it does intercept communications and other sensitive data. Of course, that is the point. Download the appropriate file to install, if you need help they have also included a link to a video to help. Launch the app on Android after installing and choose whose device you will be monitoring; your child, employee, or yourself. There is an “other” option if the choices do not pertain. At this point you can also select for the Hoverwatch app icon to be hidden. Agree to the terms and conditions and login to your Hoverwatch account. Installation is complete and you can now view the activity for that device in your Hoverwatch Dashboard. User activity includes calls, location, photos, contacts, etc.

After the trial version has expired, a subscription is required. A personal subscription which includes monitoring one device is as low as $8.33 per month. A family subscription is also available and includes up to five devices for as low as $3.33 per month, per device. Most services of this nature charge some kind of fee to use, even those that come with a wireless plan. This isn’t anything new and is in line with prices other programs charge. What I do like about this one is it includes other devices like personal computers and not just mobile phones and tablets. The results were almost immediate and settings can be adjusted to update at time intervals that you want. Almost everything is customizable so you can get the information you want and when you want them. All the data and reports are easily accessible on the Hoverwatch Dashboard, which can be checked by logging in anywhere.

Hoverwatch does exactly what is advertised and is pretty easy to use. The monitoring is automatically updated and very accessible. There is a charge for use, but if this is the kind of data you are after, it should be worth paying for. You can download Hoverwatch now from their website hoverwatch.com for Android, PC, and Mac.


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  1. This is ridiculous!! Not only is this advertised as free but I had to pay, the minute I paid the app stopped working. I received very minimal customer service that didn’t resolve the problem and now the app is completely worthless!! What exactly did I pay for? When I paid it said I did not have to reinstall however, along with a list of useless other suggestions you customer service rep said I would need to reinstall it. I couldn’t figure out how to reinstall the app nor did the other suggestions help. I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW! If I’m going to pay for something it better work and have decent customer service to help resolve issues.

  2. I downloaded this for the trial version, and now that the trial is over, there is no way to uninstall it, or all the crap it did to the phone when I installed it! It has put viruses on the phone!!!!!!

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