Ill-Fated Relationship iPhone Review

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ill-Fated Relationship - ISEEYOU Co.Today’s app review is over one of the most unique I have ever seen. Now I am a big fan of digital media. Nothing excites me more than to see books and graphic novels coming to life on screen. It gives the author so much more to work with to illustrate their message than just words and paper. This app takes the digital book and goes beyond.

Ill-Fated Relationship is an exceptional Korean webtoon by Hwang Joon Ho.  The story is of a dark romance between two mysterious killers. There are 20 chapters total + supplements for fans. The whole story is serviced by iSeeToon, an English-language manhwa/webtoon service by Korean venture company iSeeYou for the iPhone and it’s all powered by Storyberry.

Though the story is very dark, the standout features of this app are the graphics and reading controls. Each scene fills the iPhone screen as the reader is able to transition from cell to cell. The user can click anywhere on the screen to move the story forward, adding a transition effect as it changes scenes. You can also slide left or right to go forward without the effect. Then slide up and down to open the menu. This gives the reader the ultimate control of the story and it’s pace. The dark noire feel of the story gives an ominous tone and keeps you anxious yet yearning for more. It’s a complete interactive graphic novel, and with it’s unique built in reader, it’s certainly a great deal.

There are 20 chapters included with no other purchases necessary. It’s compatible with iOS 4 and is launching at a $4.99 sale price.

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ill-Fated Relationship - ISEEYOU Co.


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