IOTransfer Mac Review

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The age-old complaint for iOS users has been the reliance on iTunes to back-up and move files and photos from your device. Of course you can always use the cloud, but it comes at an additional cost once the initial space is full. Now, more and more applications seem to be developing to beat the dreaded iTunes and free iOS users from its shackles. IOTransfer will allow you to access your device and its contents to move them anywhere you want. Here is some of the application’s description:

What IOTransfer Can Do for You?

Transfer Photos in iPhone & Retain Your Moments Forever

A picture is worth a thousand words. Everyone loves to capture the perfect moments in their life as photos. But sometimes it’s annoying when you find out you don’t have enough disk space to save photos. Use IOTransfer to safely transfer photos between your Apple devices and PC/Mac with just one click.

Share Your Music as the Way You Like

Music is an essential part of our daily life. No matter you want to import music to your iPhone, iPad & iPod or transfer iPhone music to your PC/Mac, IOTransfer two-way transfer works perfect. Thus you can access and share your favorite songs with your friends and family anywhere, anytime. IOTransfer makes no limits for transferring your iPhone music.

Save Your video & Movies Wherever You Want

IOTransfer makes it easier for you transfer movies and video files from iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, iPhone 6, 6s, iPad mini, iPad Pro and iPod Touch to a PC/Mac. You also don’t need to worry about the video quality, as IOTransfer will be able to maintain the original video files’ data compression perfectly.

Transfer & Backup Your Important Data 

There is nothing worse than losing everything on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and realizing you never backed anything up. In addition to transferring iPhone music, photos and videos, IOTransfer also acts as a handy tool to transfer apps, books, voice memos or other files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to PC/Mac safely.

Simply launch IOTransfer and connect your device to your computer. Trust the computer on the phone or tablet so that access is allowed. See all of the apps, videos, music, photos, podcasts, books and voice memos on the connected iDevice immediately. Transfer files to and from it easily by checking the items you need and choosing a save location. There are options to send content to iTunes, Mac or PC, or even to another device. To transfer between two devices, just connect them to the PC and continue.

Now a lot of these things can be accomplished with iTunes as well. What makes IOTransfer valuable is the ease of use and recovery features. When you haven’t backed up the device, iTunes can be little to no help recovering the information from your iPhone. IOTransfer makes the process easier by displaying everything right when it’s connected, just like another drive. One important note, the application can only detect a device when iTunes recognizes it successfully, so it is necessary to have iTunes and have used it for the iPhone or iPad you are trying to access. It’s quick, easy, and user-friendly, unlike iTunes.

Great for recovering your data or just transferring it to free up space on your phone, IOTransfer can get it done. IOTransfer is available now for free on their website for Windows and Mac. It supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with iOS 8 or later.




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