Jet Journal iPhone Review

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Document all of your past and future travels with the Jet Journal app by Eric Odom. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Jet Journal is the new social network for travelers and insiders. Find trusted recommendations from your friends and influencers around the world. Keep track of all the places you’ve been and all the new places you want to go. After organizing your ideas into journals, you’re ready to create and share authentic experiences. Join a community of people just like you, who love to travel and discover new places everyday.

Use Jet Journal to:
– Create journals to organize your content into any topic
– Save ideas, neighborhood restaurants or places you want to try when you travel
– See all your ideas on a map
– Follow friends and influencers for inspiration on your next trip or your next meal
– Share your experiences with your friends

To get started, choose New User to sign-up for a Jet Journal account. A short tutorial explains how the app works before creating your username and password. Other profile details can be added later including profile picture and bio. Everything travel and location related is stored in the journal. Best restaurants, ideas, and of course places you’ve been. Jet Journal is divided in a few sections. Home is the feed of other accounts you follow and their updates, which you can like and comment on much like a social media app. The search area displays other users’ featured journals and enables you to search for people, hashtags and other journals or places.

The most unique concept found in Jet Journal is Ideas. The premise behind it is if you come across a place you’d like to come back to or that you’ve visited you can add the location as an Idea. These idea notes contain the location, which is plotted on the map, along with photos, captions, and even weblinks. Ideas can then be organized into journals. These journals can be public for other travelers to see or set privately for your eyes only.

For those that are passionate about traveling and documenting those moments, this app is what you are looking for. It’s great for not only sharing your own experiences, but to see those of others and look for recommendations for that next adventure. The layout is clean and easy to navigate, giving users a great way to organize their trips into more than just a Facebook post. The Jet Journal app is available now for free in the App Store.


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