KeepVid Music Review

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We recently covered the partner app to KeepVid Music, KeepVid Pro, and really liked what we saw. KeepVid Music is a similar app for Windows and Mac, but instead focuses on music rather than video. The slogan for the service is ‘KeepVid Music frees your music’, and I have to say that it does live up to this premise. It is available now for $39.99 on PC, or there is a free trial.

The core of the functionality of the app is that is allows you to grab music and video streams from the Internet and turn them into fully functional music tracks that are ready to use in playlists on your smartphones. Both iOS and Android are supported, in addition to things like USB drives.

What this means is that you can simply copy and paste a URL from a YouTube music video, and KeepVid Music will work its magic, turning the video into an audio MP3(or other formats), which it can load onto a device for you, ready to listen to it as if you had purchased it from iTunes. KeepVid will even automatically detect and remove any ads that happen to play while it is grabbing the song, which is quite a feat.

Now, if you have ever attempted to grab an album from YouTube and split it up into tracks for your phone to play, you will know what a fiddly and time-consuming task this can be, but KeepVid does it all for you. It can grab entire playlists from YouTube, remove the ads, split them up into tracks that it will name and format properly. It really does work well, and is very easy to use.

Just some of the artists and genres you can listen to

Here, straight from the developer, are the program’s best features:

Love Your Music, KeepVid Music Will Handle the Rest

Discovering new music is exciting. Figuring out how to download new music is a headache. That is where KeepVid Music comes in. With KeepVid Music you can easily download, record, transfer, manage, play and share music no matter where you find it. Your music, liberated.


Now, even if that sounds like a bit too much work, KeepVid Music will even do all the discovery for you. It provides ready-made playlists of some of the best and most popular music in the word, ready for you to grab with the click of a mouse. You just find an area of music you like, such as the latest charts, and KeepVid will grab them for you, for free.

Getting the tracks onto your phone is also incredibly easy, and you should not look at this as a barrier for the app, as it all goes very smoothly indeed, with all your requested songs laid out with perfect formatting.

It certainly does work as well as that, and so KeepVid Music come highly recommended for music lovers everywhere.

You can grab KeepVid Music from here: KeepVid Music


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