KeepVid Pro Review

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KeepVid Pro is a fantastic program for Windows and Mac that works as a great companion to a smartphone, particularly if you want to be in total control of the videos you watch and keep. The app is primarily for Windows and Mac, but does play nice with mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

The program is currently available at a discount of $24.99 on PC for a single licence, but there is a free trial available as well, in addition to a free Chrome extension that adds a nifty download button to some popular sites, such as YouTube.

You may have guessed for the title of the app that KeepVid is all about downloading and keeping videos that would otherwise only be available to stream, although it does have plenty of other features besides that. This core functionality serves many purposes, from simple needs such as having a few videos to watch when you are going to be without Internet for a while, all the way up to having the ability to quickly grab things for professional editing.

The main site that people will use will of course be YouTube, but KeepVid also supports another 10.000(!) video sites, such as Instagram, Crunchyroll and DailyMotion. The chances are, if a site streams videos, then KeepVid will be able to download the videos for you.

Just some of the sites supported

When you want to download something, you can just paste the URL into KeepVid, which will then work its magic and offer you the download in all the formats that the supplying site supports, as well as multiple resolutions. 4K, 1080p, and many other formats are supported, and the main KeepVid Pro program will download it up to 3X faster than other options. In my experience, downloading directly through the KeepVid Pro app did seem to be much faster than the free Chrome button.

Here, straight from the developer, are the program’s best features:

  • Batch download entire YouTube playlists with one click.
  • Convert YouTube to MP3 and other 150+ video/audio formats.
  • Download Videos from YouTube and other 10,000+ video sites.
  • Download 1080p, 4k and more HD videos with 3x faster speed.

The program itself is very easy to install and use, with a nice interface that never gave me any problems at all. My favourite feature is the ‘record’ functionality, which gives users an extra degree of power over what videos they keep, as it provides an instant overlay, allowing you to record anything that takes place on your screen at all. It is a great tool.

Transferring files to your smartphone is very easy, as KeepVid’s built-in file transfer tool will give you many options for moving videos across devices, which when coupled with the conversion options mean that you can grab just about anything that can play on your desktop, convert it into a suitable format and have it stored and playing on your smartphone very quickly indeed.

Overall, if you even have a passing interest in video editing or capture, then KeepVid Pro is a great purchase, and is worth every penny.

You can grab KeepVid Pro here: KeepVid Pro.





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