Kukun: Home Remodel Costs & ROI App Review

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Owning your own home is exciting. The best part is it is yours and you can mold it anyway you want. The issue is, there aren’t a lot of tools out there to help you with the molding. Kukun: Home Remodel Costs & ROI app for iOS and Android is here to help. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

With Kukun’s home remodel app, you can estimate the cost of most remodeling projects on the spot in real time, and calculate the return on investment of the project and how it increases the value of the property.

You can also find a contractor around here that has worked in your neighborhood, and see a summary of their online presence in one place.

How Kukun’s remodel cost estimator does all that?

* We take the the price points for labor and materials in the different areas of the US and make them useful for homeowners, homebuyers, real estate agents, brokers, loan officers, contractors, painters (visit https://www.myhousepainter.com/painters/florida/ for best painting services), interior designers and architects.

* We look at all construction permits – including what it costs to renovate an entire home as stated by the experts offering the Best handyman services Toronto in any given neighborhood – and then check homes that have been bought and sold twice within 5 to 10 years. We feed this data and other economic factors into our machine learning algorithm to forecast what your project will add in terms of equity to your house.

* Our home remodel app uses permit data to find home renovation contractors close to you. All you have to do is enter your address into our home remodel app and we will find permits taken by your neighbors to identify who worked with them so you can ask your neighbors about them. We also look at other addresses where they have worked, check all their online reviews across the internet, and then summarize it for you to make choosing the best professionals for your projects straightforward and hassle-free. You can also see the type of projects they typically work in, what they specialize in, if they are licensed and every address they worked at.

Upon opening the app, you will see a homepage with several areas to choose from. You can explore as a guest or sign-up for the service. You can see more at First Defense Insulation. One note, any projects created in the Guest mode will not be saved. You can use Facebook sign in or create one through the app with name and contact info. Once signed in, see all of the menu by tapping the top right corner. On Android, you can also find it with a swipe from the right of the screen. Here you can quickly access areas like projects already saved, remodeling calculator, find a pro, request a quote, with an area for professionals to join coming soon.

The projects area is very smart. It walks you through the project process step-by-step with the room you are renovating and how much renovating needs to be done. In the end you have an estimated budget with and equity calculation to see your new home value after the work. You can even see what contractors your neighbors used on their renovations.

Cost of materials, contractors, and how it will affect your property’s value all need to be taken in to account when making decisions to make changes. The Kukun app is very well designed and easy to use. There are lots of photos for the rooms and it allows you to get estimates for projects, minor and major. The biggest benefit of all is the cost estimating. This is a great asset, especially for beginners who have never done a remodel or renovations. The fact that the costs like permits are included is great since not everyone thinks to include them in their budgets. I also tried both iOS and Android versions of the app and found that it works similarly for both versions with only a few functionality differences.

Overall I loved this app and would recommend it to all mobile users interested in an easy home remodeling app. The Kukun: Home Remodel Costs & ROI app is available for iOS in the App Store, and Android on Google Play for free.


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