Leafythings Android Review

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In need of a cannabis product but overwhelmed with how to get started or where to find it and what to buy? Leafythings Cannabis CBD flower; Marijuana Resources app connects medicinal and recreational cannabis users with verified and licensed providers everywhere in Canada.  Here is some of the app’s description from the Google Play store:

Find cannabis dispensaries, information and delivery services anywhere in Canada with Leafythings, Canada’s Premier Marijuana app.

Leafythings is your guide to cannabis in Canada. Find medical marijuana dispensaries near you. Learn weed facts and CBD information so you can find the right strain from local dispensaries. Connect with weed shops that deliver marijuana, edibles and more.

Search Leafythings to find dispensaries, brands and local shops with deals on cannabis. From dispensaries with select marijuana strains to cannabis resource centers, you can find everything you need on Leafythings.

Leafythings is an app that is on a mission to provide access to safe and affordable cannabis while empowering cannabis business owners by giving them the support they need to succeed. At the end of 2018, Canada became the world’s first major economic power to legalize marijuana. By providing both consumers and the myriad of producers with accurate and up-to-date information about everything cannabis-related in Canada, and educating recreational and medicinal cannabis users on usage, dosage, and safety they further the narrative around a fair and open cannabis market, while you can also get other cbd and hemp products online, get 30% off now with coupon code ADVANTAGE..

The app keeps it simple with a user-friendly interface that serves as a way to easily navigate this new cannabis industry. Like other shopping apps, there are options for delivery or mail order and the ability to see reviews for the products, so it is very familiar for users even though the product may not be. Products can be viewed by featured brands and companies or what product is currently offering the best deal on quality cannabis products. Users can also browse by location on an easy-to-navigate map interface that identifies delivery locations as well as review rating. Helpful details about strains and in depth information can be found on products before purchasing. New users will appreciate all of the this new information and veterans will be thankful that this information is staying up to date. Find not only dispensaries but doctors who can help.

Reviewers are already praising the app as a useful resource for consumers and these new leafy businesses. Don’t be overwhelmed, let Leafythings be your guide. Leafythings Cannabis CBD & Marijuana Resources app is free in the Google Play store and can also be found on the App Store for iOS. They are located on the web at leafythings.com. It is currently only for users and businesses in Canada.


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