Libro Personal Bookmarks Android Review

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google play badgeLooking to get organized with all of your notes and to-do lists? Want to save that link to post later but know you will be able to find it again? Libro is here to help! Libro Personal Bookmarks app, by Esleepy App Company, LLC, keeps all of your notes and links in a thoughtful home feed right on your device for easy access. Here is the app’s description:

Libro is your feed without the social network. If you’ve ever wished you could save links, articles, or images privately to your phone for your own use without having to libro-personal-bookmarks-image-2post it to a social network, this is the app for you!

When you save something to Libro, it does not post it to a social network or even a server in the cloud. Your content is shared privately just to your phone and made available offline so you can come back to it later without an internet connection!

Post directly through the app, or use Androids built-in share intent from other apps.

Why not give the app a try? It’s completely free!

There are paid features such as:

– The ability to create multiple feeds (the free version has just a single “Home” feed)
– Full-Text searching so you can find your posts easier
– The ability to move posts between feeds

Libro does not record or maintain any personal information. Please note that since content is saved directly to your phone, if you lose your phone you might lose your content.

Libro opens to a blank news feed called Home. Tap the blue text box icon in the bottom right hand corner to post to your home feed. If it is a link copied previously, the top right clipboard icon will paste it for you. Alter your post’s text with bold or italic text. Notes can also be formatted as bulleted or numbered lists. Tap the disk to save once your info is placed. View your posts in the home feed as stacked tiles with options to edit, refresh, and delete. Links will open in a browser for viewing in the app and all notes and posts can be shared through Android sharing options.

Additional features can be unlocked with an added in-app purchase of $1.99. This includes creating additional feeds, the ability to move posts between feeds and full text search. These enhancements could really be useful for power users for keeping posts organized by category and easily finding info lost feeds begin to fill up. The app is simple enough to use and luckily, pretty self-explanatory as there is no tutorial. Though you can use the memo app for basically the same purpose, the added link previews, browser viewing and tiled organization makes things much cleaner and more functional. Of course its main drawback is the lack of cloud support and storage only on the local device, the sharing options make it easy enough to send anything you might have on your Libro app on your phone to another account for access. Another plus is the app is free and there are no annoying ads in the way.

Libro Personal Bookmarks is a great little productivity app that is useful for many people on many levels. The app is available free now in the Google Play store.


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