Linear Clock Widget Pro Android Review

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Widgets, widgets, widgets. It seems to me that I spend more time messing around with clock and weather widgets on my Android home screen than I do with anything productive. Trying to find the perfect widget for your taste can be incredibly difficult, but I think I may have found mine with Linear Clock Widget Pro.

The app doesn’t use a standard digital or analogue clock face, but instead uses a variety of linear clocks to spruce up your home screen. If you are wondering just what these linear clocks are, it is easiest to describe them as horizontal timelines. The great thing about the dimensions of these clock faces are that they are far more suitable for fitting screens of variable widths without having to stretch any images.Linear Clock Widget Pro – Android Apps on Google Play

The widget options all allow for the use of days, months and the year, and the designs, along with the font choices, are inspired.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

• Two size widgets
• Up to 3 bands per widget (2 for small-sized widgets)
• Time band
• Day of the week band
• Date band
• Month band
• Year band
• Two types of borders
• 11 Types of color schemes
• Full screen app

With 11 colour schemes, several different band options and two borders, you can really customise the widget to suit your taste. The only thing that I feel is missing are some weather options, as you could have a band with the current temperature in your area, and another for the weather type. This one could have rain at one end and sun at the other, with other options in between, and this would look great with a classic barometer style theme.

Hopefully, this is something that will be added in the future, but if you are looking for a widget for the time and date, then this is perfect. With a look unlike any other I have seen, and some great customisation options, Linear Clock Widget Pro is a great choice for your home screen.


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