List of Great iPhone Apps for Christmas

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Well, the Christmas season is in full swing, so you might be thinking of downloading some Christmas themed apps to get you into the Christmas spirit. Well, we have compiled a list of some great apps that will make you feel all festive on your iPhone, without breaking the bank!

So, peruse this special Christmas list, and let us know if there are any out there that we should mention.


So, you want to send a Christmas card, but are fed up with those boring old paper based things from the last century? Well, iMakeCard is a great alternative, as it allows you to send animated Christmas cards straight from your iPhone. You simply pick from the apps’ library of animated cards, add your own picture and some text and you are good to go. The app uses an attractive interface, and it handily saves all the cards you have created in the past for future use. Cards you make can be sent via Twitter, Facebook and E-Mail, although be aware that they can’t be animated on Facebook. It is a lovely little app, and good value for 99c.

iMakeCard - Animated Christmas Greetings and Wishes - Vitaliy Topolyuk

 Christmas Story

Christmas Story is an Xmas themed game, where you play a character called Gingerboy and have to run  a busy shop in the run up to Christmas. You have to serve customers, hire and upgrade staff and generally run a manic business. A freemium app, there are various in-app purchases to help you along, but you can get by without them. The graphics and sound are charming, with a jaunty theme and pretty addictive gameplay, this is a really nice action management game with a decent level of Christmas theming. Equiping the store with gifts is fun, and this is a good app to keep the kids busy before Christmas.

Christmas Story - Outblaze Ventures

 Kick the Buddy Episodes

Sometimes the stress of Christmas just gets too much, but instead of taking out your frustration on the Christmas Turkey, how about you take it all out on Buddy, the hapless main character in this game. The game revolves around beating up, hurting and generally torturing the poor little guy as much as you can. Not that Buddy seems to mind, even after you have blown him up with fireworks. You can even put a face of your own choosing from your camera library on the test dummie. The game is really addictive and actually has some nice physics, and with new levels being added all the time, Kick the Buddy Episodes is a real Christmas cracker.

Kick the Buddy Episodes - AppZap

 Angry Birds Seasons

Well, a Christmas app list just wouldnt be complete without Angry Birds Seasons. Rovio have constantly updated this game with new levels every time there is any kind of celebration. Indeed, we have had Valentines Day, St Patricks Day, Easter and of course, Christmas. Maybe the gameplay is getting a little stale nowadays, but it is still fun to launch the screaming avian wonders skyward, and when you keep getting free levels thrown at you, who can complain? Despite the fact that Rovio really need to bring something genuinely new to the table, this remains an Xmas treat.

Angry Birds Seasons - Rovio Mobile Ltd.

12 Days of Christmas

Some say the best thing about Christmas is the music. Well, they do until the fourth straight week of hearing the same twenty songs on repeat everywhere they go. Nonetheless, 12 Days of Christmas is here to tap into everyones love of classic Christmas music. At its heart, this is a basic rhythm music game, where you must tap in time to the tune playing. It plays with this by allowing you to compete with your friends, with Game Center support and is actually a decent distraction. The visuals do the job, and the sound is of decent enough quality. If you have friends who own the app then it becomes better then it actually is, and will help you while away a good few minutes of Yule time.

12 Days of Christmas Free - KwiqApps Inc.

 iTunes – 12 Days of Christmas

Well, this really does have to be the ultimate iOS Christmas app. Every year, Apple releases this app that gives users some free content on each day of Christmas, starting on 26th December and ending on 6th January. The gifts are always a mystery, but could be apps, films, tv shows or books, and it is of course worth a look just for this. Some users are reporting that the app requires devices of the level of the 4th gen iPod Touch onwards, which is a great shame but does perhaps point to the quality of some of the games we are going to get. An absolute must, get this important, free app on your iPhone now!

iTunes - 12 Days of Christmas - iTunes

 Super Jump World

Not so much a true Christmas app, but this brand new game is free for the lead up to Christmas. Based on the classic Super Mario Bros, the inspiration for this game is easy for all to see. That isn’t a bad thing, and the bright and breezy graphics are a real treat, and the developer has also done a good job with the controls. There are four levels to explore, as well as eight different enemies to face. The game has four Game Center leaderboards, as well as a full suite of achievements. Good, harmless fun.

Super Jump World - NER Brothers



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    Have fun! And happy holidays!

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