Lonely Sun iPhone Review

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itunes iconMobile apps have come a long way in the video game category. Perfecting it to almost the extent of calling your iPhone a handheld gaming device. There are some truly lovely games on the app store in a variety of categories. One to consider in particular is LONELY SUN – Be Gravity’s Guiding Hand, by Rinikulous Games Corp. Here is the app’s full description:

The chances of a planet coming into existence are cosmically small – until now. Lonely Sun is a new iOS game that puts you at the center of a fledgling solar system, and lonely-sun-image-1as the guiding hand of gravity, it’s your job to help usher every planet through strange, distant worlds, all while collecting the raw materials to become a celestial giant.

All that stands between you and the fulfillment of a distant sun’s destiny are five unique, both visually and auditory, hand-crafted levels – one for each of the five levels. Every level divided into three stages has its own strange landscapes, distinct dangers, and gravitational forces to surmount on your way to building a complete star system.

Lonely Sun is designed, developed and optimized for iPhone 6 and up.

Be gravity’s guiding hand. That is what the app says right in the title, and it describes this ambitious game perfectly. For an optimal experience, the app recommends that you plug-in headphones as you begin your journey. Starting with planet Ametho, guide your way through the dark recesses of space by swiping the screen with your finger to move and stay airborne. Travel safely through the level and avoid anything that appears dangerous or threatening as it will shatter your feeble planet and you will have to begin again. The main goal is to gather the five cores from all three stages and grow each planet large enough to orbit the sun.

Controlling the little planet is tricky and will take some practice. Use your finger to roll, fling, stop and redirect the small planet as it travels through treacherous territory with dangerous spikes and floating boulders that threaten your planet’s demise. It definitely requires a delicate touch, and learning the terrain is key as you will be playing over and over again before you perfect it. I love the attention to the sound for the game and the headphones really enhance the experience and mood. The colors and graphics are beautiful to look at and makes it easier to forgive the game’s challenging nature. Overall I couldn’t stop playing and found the small cost completely worth it.

If you are looking for something gorgeous with a simple premise that promises you some difficulty, this space themed app is absolutely for you. Lonely Sun – Be Gravity’s Guiding Hand is available now for $1.99 in the App Store.


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