Lyreka – Song Lyrics and Meanings iPhone Review

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itunes iconWhen you really love a song, like really love it, you can’t stop thinking about it. Picking apart the lyrics and obsessing about what it all really means. In an effort to confirm those theories, consulting with your friends is a must to see if they agree with your interpretations. Now you can talk to a whole community about the songs you enjoy with Lyreka – Song Lyrics and Meanings by Omar Robinson.

Here is the app’s full description:

Lyreka is a music lyrics app with a community of of music lovers who interpret and share their thoughts on songs. The more thoughts and meanings you share is the lyreka-image-2more points you earn. By sharing you will help others to discover the meaning of songs and they will in turn reward you with Eurekas!
Main Features

– Find song lyrics from our collection of over 800,000 songs
– Post a song meaning or thought
– Comment and contribute to other users posts
– Follow other users / be follow by user with similar interest in music
– Search for songs by image quotes
– Search and view over 40,000 artists profiles
– Search and view over 100,000 albums and releases
– Upload profile and cover images

The Lyreka app invites music lovers everywhere to share their stories about the songs that influence them the most. A social media for music enthusiasts, if you will. Signing up with an email address or through Facebook will set-up an account to be used for the app or at Customize your profile then search through over 850,000 songs and find the ones you love. See full lyrics for those songs, including links to Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. Comment away to begin or add to the discussion. Read posts other users have left and give the ones you like and agree with a “Eureka”.

First of all, I love this idea. If there is anything I bond with people more about, it is music. This is about more than liking a band’s Facebook page, and centers around connecting with fans to make a common bond and fond discussion. The layout is very clean and navigation is easy to use. I did have some trouble with the app crashing when trying to change my profile pictures, but all other interactions were successful. There is a variety of music represented and any song I searched for I was able to find. Just the sheer ability of being able to find lyrics in full at your fingertips is an asset. Coming together and collaborating with others is the icing on the app cake.

Lyreka – Song Lyrics and Meanings brings some great things to the table. With a little polishing, they may just have a hit. The app is available now for free in the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone. Music lovers unite, on Lyreka.


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