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Want to play a game with friends to pass the time but they aren’t around? Send them an email and let the fun begin! MailGamer by Yaruslav Akhromov brings classic, turn based games to you and your friends through your personal email addresses. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

MailGamer = @ + gamepad

MailGamer is an application that allows you to play simple games like Tic Tac Toe or Sea Battleship using email messages. You can play with computer or invite your friends to play with you. The main advantage is: your friends and you — don’t need MailGamer application to play, because you use it only once you start a new game campaign. Your friends receive email messages from us and they are ready to play directly inside these messages. MailGamer simply transforms an ordinary email message into a game pad. Players play without any applications installed, simply by receiving emails the time they want.


To test MailGamer application in action you can install our free version — MailGamer LE (Lite Edition). It has a limited functionality (please refer to our comparison table on, but you can enjoy our main feature — play games inside email messages. Enjoy!


– 2 games for your choice!
MailGamer includes 2 games for your choice: Tic Tac Toe and Sea Battleship. More games are on the way.
– 2 design layouts for your choice!
MailGamer represents 2 different design layouts for each game: classic design and lovely design. Classic design works great if you use MailGamer as a challenge between co-workers or friends. Lovely design is recommended if you use MailGamer to attract an attention and simply express your feelings.
– 3 game scenarios!
MailGamer has 3 unique game scenarios: You VS Robot, You VS Friend, Friend VS Friend…

MailGamer is an interesting app that brings simple, familiar games right to your inbox. After downloading the app, select Play Game or Mail Game. Play Game will pit you against the robot. A game choice of Tic Tac Toe or Battleship are displayed, both have two board designs to choose from, classic and lovely. Select the difficulty for your robot opponent as either normal or blind, where the blind option has the robot take random turns. The last option is board size with the choice of 3 x 3 and 4 x 4. The selected board will display and you can begin play. The unique part of MailGamer is the Mail Game feature, where you can now play a game with your friends via email. After this option is selected pick the game and design like before. Now choose a scenario, you can still play against the robot, or play with a friend or against friends. Type in your email address and up to two other friends and begin playing back and forth through email messages.

The app’s format is creative with fun robot sounds. If you register your email and create an account, all your game statistics can be accessed. Personal messages can also be setup for when the game invitation email is sent, as well as the winner and loser messages. A concept like this is a bit hard to compete with now in the new age of iOS 10 where games such as this can be played with others via messages. Of course this requires iMessage, which not everyone may have. Inbox gaming does seem a little less convenient as you have to wait for each email, though I will admit the wait time isn’t that long. The best scenario for something like this would be between friends or co-workers, as the app has a built-in design to choose from called Spy Mode in plain text format to disguise that you may be playing on the clock. I had a great time playing Mail Games against the robot, but sadly I was not able to get my friends’ emails to work as I received “invalid email” errors during setup.

Overall I liked MailGamer as the concept was like nothing I had seen before. The app is available now in the App Store for $0.99.


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