Maya King iPhone Review

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itunes iconUp for throwing some dice but without the gambling? Maya King by Blob Media has a new game for you! Here is the app’s description:maya-king-image-2


MAYA is a fun multi player dice game that involves a little bit of luck and a lot of bluffing. You need a minimum of 2 players to play. Each player starts with 6 lives. On their turn, each player must try to roll a higher combination than the previous player or lose a life, MAYA being the highest combination. Of course there’s one snag, you don’t get to see the other players dice unless you call ‘Liar!’ Do you trust your friends? 
The loss of a life or all 6 lives can result in a forfeit ………what’s the forfeit? You choose! And remember, the better you are at bluffing, the better chance you have of winning. The last player remaining is the MAYA king.

This game is free, allowing 3 players to play the game. Purchase App to upgrade to the full version, allowing additional players.

Maya King is one of the more interesting apps I have played this year. A combination of app and dice game, all you really need to do is roll high, or lie. To play, each player takes a turn rolling the dice. Whoever gets the highest roll wins the round. If you don’t roll the highest, you can bluff and hope the other players don’t catch on. If they do, you lose one of your six lives.

The game sounds easy enough. With the app, the digital pieces make sure you never lose a dice and there is no need for more than one device as you just pass the one with the game on it to the next player. I will say the instructions are a bit difficult to fully understand until you put them into practice a few rounds with some friends. Overall the game is fun and great for anyone to play. The app allows up to three players for free but this can be increased with an in-app purchase.

Maya King is definitely enjoyable for anyone that knows how to throw some dice and keep a good poker face.  The app is currently available in the App Store for free. You can also find in in the Google Play store here.


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