mean – for all doggies iPhone Review

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Humans aren’t the only ones who need a good workout. Dog owners know that dogs need their walks. What dog owners don’t always know is how good of a workout their doggy is getting. meanie – for all doggies app tracks daily dog walks for better dog walk data. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store.

The application records your walk with your dog. This includes route details such as the distance, time and frequency on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis.

The health functions allow you to log and monitor the timing and the location whenever it does it.

Monitor the health of your dog together with your family. Share information by linking to your social media accounts.

Main app features
* Manage walks daily
* Connect with the family to take care of your dog
* Find a doggy walking nearby

Functions for walking
* Quickstart and stop to record your walk with one push button
* Automatically pause when you take a train or get in a car
* Register parks and famous spots you stopped by if you stay more than 10 mins

mean – for all doggies requires the device to allow notifications, location sharing, and motion and fitness activity tracking. To get started, sign-in with a Facebook, LINE or Google account. Register a doggy with name, breed, gender, birthday, and finally a picture. Once the dog is registered, you can instantly start a walk. A map will load displaying gps info as well as nearby parks. Just hit the Go button, and the app will begin tracking the walk route, distance, and time. Tap the same button to finish the walk.

The mean app dashboard gives a summary that includes frequency, times, and distances of all the walks. There are also more in depth charts that show the information by week, month, and even year. Set custom goals and even alarms to remind you of a scheduled walk. The layout of mean is easy to use with all of the app options on the bottom tool bar. It is clean, and very user friendly. I love all of the breakdowns of the walk data and especially the route tracking. It becomes a kind of fitness app for your dog.

In settings, there is the ability to add user information as well in an owner’s profile. The app also allows invites to more individuals if the dog is shared so that all owners can see their dog’s stats and track dog walks. The app is free for dog owners to download and use, and is free of ads. Upgrade to a premium plan and for $2.99 per month, mean will save walk history data in the app for more than the last three months.

mean – for all doggies is a great walk tracker with all the bells and whistles any dog owner can enjoy. The app is available now for free on the App Store.


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