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When it comes to cards for friends and family, what anyone is really looking for is something meaningful and personal. Why buy that card from the store when you can customize the perfect card for that special someone?  meCard by PennyApps1 brings customized greeting cards to your mobile device so now you can. Here is the app’s full description:

This greeting card app allows you to use your own photos, create your own message, and print straight from your device. Our photo editing tools meCard image 2allow you to customize your card to your desired taste. You can add text, stickers, crop, rotate, and colorize your photos. Further, the inner text portion allows you to add just the right message. This app is perfect for birthday cards, invitations, Christmas cards, Mother’s/Father’s Day cards, Thank-You notes, or just a note to say you care. For less than the price of a store-bought greeting card, you can create an unlimited amount of cards with your own personal touch.

Launch the app to begin designing your own card. Tap “How it Works” to get started. This will give you a quick tutorial to use the app. The steps are simple; create, set page scaling, print and fold. First choose your image. You can take a photo right inside the app or choose one from a photo library. I especially like the option to use Google Photos, as it is my personal backup and includes my photos from all of my devices. Once you choose your photo, edit it with enhancements, frames, effects, overlays, etc. The editing is the very familiar with plenty of options to choose from. Once your photo is the way you want, go to the next screen to add text to the inside of your card. Type in your sentiments and hit done to finish is up. Print from the app and fold, or share and email the file as a PDF.

meCard is a simple greeting card app that lets you customize a photo for conveniently creating cards on the go. The creation and editing were straight forward enough, but I did have some issues. The Google Photos option didn’t always import my photo correctly. After a few tries it was actually easier for me to download the image first and then use it from the device. I was able to edit the photo however I wanted but did not see a scaling feature here. In some cases, like with Instagram photos, my image was cropped a bit in my final product. Aside from these few minor details, the app worked as advertised and I loved my finished product.

If you are looking for an easy to use greeting card creator, meCard is definitely it. A few simple upgrades and it will be spot on. The app is available now on Google Play for only $0.99.


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