Mental Health Awareness for Mind, Mood & Wellbeing iPhone Review

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The Mental Health Awareness for Mind, Mood & Wellbeing app by Healthy Minds Online aims to provide more accessible self-help content in convenient mobile form. Here is the app’s full description:

Our mission at Healthy Minds Online is to empower individuals with knowledge and understanding to allow them to make better-informed decisions regarding their mental health and wellbeing. Being able to deal with mental health issues is paramount to being able to build resilience and deal with challenging moments.

Start using our products to gain knowledge, tips and techniques. Our growing library of products provide hours of information in an engaging way.

All our courses will be updated periodically to include more information and tips, as well as signposting towards more useful and helpful content. *** All upgrades will be FREE. ***

Our vision is to develop a world with good mental health education for everyone. A world that is free of stigma towards mental health.

Together we can build a world that is influenced by education.

* Disclaimer: Before viewing, please read our terms. Any information within our products does not replace medical advice from health professionals.

Mental Health Awareness for Mind, Mood & Wellbeing is an app developed by which already provides mental health education to the public. The new app brings this content in an easy to use mobile form with courses available to view right on your iOS device. Just launch the app to view the library of courses available for purchase. Courses include important topics like anger management, bereavement, prevent bullying, depression, managing stress, etc. Once a course is purchased, it will be listed in the Select a Course area and available to access anytime. Like the website, each course is available individually for $4.99 each, or for with a subscription.

Mental health education is a hot button topic these days, though it is agreed it is not nearly as available as it should be. I love that Healthy Minds Online is making this type of content in an affordable and more available way. With a variety of topics covered, it starts some very important discussions and creates a starting point to help those that are interested in getting help for themselves or loved ones. Another great thing about this format is it is self paced and updated regularly, keeping the material relevant with no additional cost to the client. Healthy Minds Online also assures their information is from reliable sources, citing organizations they are members of so you can be sure the education in the content is researched. Keep in mind, this app isn’t meant to replace medical advice but it is a great education resource.

Mental Health Awareness for Mind, Mood & Wellbeing brings self-care to everyone to access anywhere. The app is available now for free in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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