Mercactivate iPhone Review

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There are a lot of apps out there with the aim of making every day tasks easier. Some are as simple as finding  place to eat while others make ordering products and receiving deliveries the future of grocery shopping. An app interested in aiding customers to find their local marketplace and items is Mercactive. Here is some of the app’s translated description:

Explore the nearby flea markets. Through the application of mercactivate you will access the information necessary to be aware of the markets of your city and the nearby municipalities.

Do not worry, we have developed a GPS guide so that there is no loss and it is easier to get to the place of your chosen market place.

You will have access to markets of different categories, Dietetics and nutrition, Fruits and vegetables, Pickles and salted, Nuts and jellies, Florist, Bakery and confectionery, Delicatessen, Fishmonger, Household items, Home linen, Lingerie, Children’s clothing, Shoe store , Clothes for men, Clothing, Knitwear…

You can reserve your favorite products and take advantage of the offers we have for you through the application. If you are not sure of the market you want to go to or the product you want to buy you will have images and more information to make sure where you go and where you buy.

Through the email you will receive a notice when booking a product and you will know the time of collection.

If all this is not enough, you will also have a chat available to solve your doubts and / or suggestions about the application or any topic related to the markets.

Mercactivate is a helpful market finding app for locations in and around Spain. The main aim for Mercactivate is to help users find local markets around their location and allows you to explore your location to find all different kinds of shops and markets in your area. Sellers of anything from household goods to clothing can be listed. Not only will you find the shops that are selling what you are looking for (for example: finding the numan specialists present around your area), but you will find options to reserve products, chat for assistance and rankings to guide you to the best spots.

The app is completely in Spanish, so for this review I relied heavily on the aid of Google Translate. Navigation is easy, even without all of the understanding of the language. The main page gives you options to explore the area, search, see your reservations and check ranking. In my case, there wasn’t anything available in my area, but the searching function worked well, with the options to select provinces and municipalities for searching. After you search, browse listings, rate and comment about your experiences. You can share your favorite places on social media sites as well. Much like a Yelp, Craigslist hybrid, the app creates a symbiotic marketplace where the customers can find goods and the sellers can advertise to find buyers.

Though Mercactivate is targeted to Spanish speakers and specific locations, the app is very well designed and sure to help tourists or anyone new to those areas with their shopping. The app is currently available in the App Store for free.




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