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Android app on Google Play
Message Impossible is an interesting proposition for mobile users, as it has a unique spin on messaging apps. It is a free app, so may very well be worth your time.

Available for Android through the Google Play Store, and for Windows Phone through the Windows Phone Marketplace, Messaging Impossible is an attractive looking app that is very easy to use and intuitive. You start by registering your phone, which you do by giving the app your phone number. The app then sends you an SMS message with a code to activate the app. Fear not if you are using a tablet with no SMS capabilities, as the number can be on another device.

Once you are inside the app properly, it behaves like most messaging services. You can send messages to friends, as well as sending media, with the ability to attach text to the photos you send and even create kind of mini albums by attaching many images to one message, which allows you to send all your pictures to someone who you shared a day out with, for example.

The main idea behind the app is that messages are destroyed, either by the recipient, or by a self destruct

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

What is Message Impossible?

Message Impossible is a messaging service that is built around self-destructing messages.

Self-destructing messages, how does that work?

Messages self-destruct in one of two ways. Either the recipient destroys the message or the message expires.
Messages sent through Message Impossible expire after an hour. If the message expires before the recipient opens the message the message will self-destruct.

Once a message self-destructs it is removed from the system and is not recoverable by the sender or the intended recipient.

Now, the idea behind the whole self-destruction thing is, I imagine, to give messages a sense of immediacy, and to keep your inbox neat and tidy. It does mean that messages could be a bit more special if you know they will soon be gone forever, but I do have issues with this. Yes, the idea behind self destructing messages may be fairly sound, but only as a small feature of a wider app, and I don’t know why it is the main focus here.

In any other app, deleting messages you don’t want is incredibly easy, so the fact that this app does it automatically is not all that impressive. The only people who would benefit from this would be those that get hundreds of messages every day, but again- this should be just one feature, not the main thrust of the app here.

The app works nicely as a stand alone messaging app, so I think the developer should focus on adding more features to it as a general messaging app. The self destruct idea, while innovate, should be just one of many killer ideas.

Overall, I really liked this app, and recommend it to those people who get hundreds of messages through tier phones every day.


Android app on Google Play


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