Mevo – Weight Loss & Fitness iPhone Review

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Health apps have taken up quite a chunk of the App Store lately with new ways to measure your fitness and keep track of calorie intake. Of course by the time you download that fitness app, add a calorie counter and recipe app, it can be a lot to keep up with. Mevo – Weight Loss & Fitness by Mevolife Inc. wants to change all that by being the only app you need. Here is some of the app’s description:

Mevo is a free to download health, weight loss, & fitness app which helps you in achieving your health & weight loss goals by tracking your runs, fitness, calories, diet while connecting you socially with like-minded individuals.

**What you’ll get**
– All-In-One Weight Loss & Fitness App
– Exercise, Water & Calorie Counter for health & weight loss
– Reminders to stay on track
– Healthy Recipes, Diets & Dine out Recommendations for weight loss & health
– Machine, Body-weight & Mixed Workout Plans for health & weight loss
– Social & fun elements for health & weight loss
– Exclusive Fitness Merchandise Store

**Core Features**
Food & Nutrition for health & weight loss
• Weight Loss, healthy diet, & Calorie counter
• Nutrition facts
• Healthy recipes
• Meal options & diet tips
• Exclusive Juice Maker

To get started, login or sign up for an account. First answer a few questions. Define if your goal is to lose weight, maintain weight or to build muscle. Update your information with gender, age, weight and height information. Personalize how much weight you would like to lose weekly and how active you currently are. There is an option to enter a custom weekly calorie goal here as well. Finish up by creating the account with an email login or connecting an existing Facebook or Google+ sign-in. Mevo will now welcome you with a customized health plan to reach an ideal weight within a specific timeline. This includes a daily calorie goal, amount of water to be consumed per day, and an amount of workout days per week. Connect any devices including MevoFit bands and sync data with Apple Health and/or Fitbit. For more on the fitness subject, visit

Mevo promotes itself as an all-in-one weight-loss and fitness app that eliminates the need for multiple apps for tracking exercise and health, for more on weight loss, read here about the best weight loss pills. The design of the app is clean with slick graphics and fluid transitions between sections. It is very easy to navigate and includes the basic functions you would expect with an app like this including a community for sharing your thoughts and successes. There are some extra features I noticed in Mevo that I had not yet seen, such as the Juice Maker section that helps you create and log juice recipes, and the Tips sections that has some great advice to help with your health journey like resisting sugar cravings. Mevo has also built-in some monetary motivation with the ability to earn credits to redeem towards real items. You can earn credits for every day you log in, track calories, take quizzes and participate in challenges. The best part is you get all of this for free.

If you are looking for an app to help you get healthy, you can’t do much better than Mevo – Weight Loss & Fitness. With the right recipes, exercises and tools in your arsenal, you’ll be cruising down the road to health. The app is available now for free on the App Store.


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