MindSurf iPhone Review

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itunes iconWe all need a way to relieve our stress every once in a while. It is necessary to keep us sane in the chaos of daily life. The MindSurf Manage Stress & Improve Quality Of Life app by Tim Carey is here with gentle reminders to analyze, or surf,  your thoughts and control your stress.

Here is some of the app’s description:

Do you feel stressed and caught up in the daily hustle & bustle of everyday life?mindsurf-image-2
Then it’s time for you to step back, take a break and catch your breath.

Introducing the MindSurf app!

MindSurf will help you manage stress & anxiety, improve focus and eventually improve your quality of life. Sometimes, you might feel that your mind is “full” and in constant distress. You might also feel pulled in different directions; you might feel impossibly stretched or even stuck. In that case, you can use MindSurf as your anchor to relieve thoughts that bother you and have a more positive mindset.

MindSurf can be used to help ensure your happiness and wellbeing. Under your instructions it will send you a certain number of specially designed questions at random times throughout the day. The questions have been crafted and developed for MindSurf by clinical psychologists based on what they have found to be effective through clinical practice and research.

When you receive a question you have the option of either typing an answer to the question like an SMS text message or even saying the answer out loud. The important thing is that you express your thought in some way so that you get a chance to relieve your anxiety and distress and improve focus and quality of life.

Set up MindSurf to ask questions through out the day at your preferred frequency. Respond to the questions by typing or talking to log your answers. In the app’s settings, choose how many questions per day you would like it to ask. Then set the time frame it is allowed to send notifications for the questions. This includes the ability to turn weekends on and off. Once your desired preferences are set, you are brought to the home screen of green, blue and white. There is a reminder that your questions will appear on the screen and nothing is captured or recorded unless you want it to be. Tapping the partial ring on the bottom left will access the menu, where you can set goals, track their progress, prioritize and rate things, along with making any setting changes.

MindSurf wants to be your virtual therapist of sorts. Someone, or thing, to vent to in the moments of mental frustration. Sending the push notifications as a mental check-in with questions like, “What is occupying your mind at the moment.” I left this on my phone for several days and admit, I did like the reminders. It was like a quick diary entry to get things off the chest just for the moment. The interaction is like a text or chat so there is always time for a quick reply. I liked the simplistic aspect and design. The app does mention that it doesn’t record anything unless you want it to, but there is an in-app purchase to activate the recording feature. The app is ad-supported, so accessing some functions lead to a quick ad watch before completing navigation.

If you are in need to destress your life, you might want to check out MindSurf Manage Stress & Improve Quality Of Life app. The app is available now for iOS and Android for free.


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