Minesweeper Q iPhone Review

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Minesweeper Q Platinum - SpicaSometimes, you don’t want to take on graphically gorgeous enemies in games like Shadowgun, or race around on crazy tracks in Reckless Getaway. No, sometimes you just want to play something simple and timeless on your beast of a smartphone.

That is where Minesweeper Q comes in.

An intelligent updating of the orignal game, the developer has been thoughtful with its tinkering of the game. Indeed, upon booting the game up for the first time, you are immediately presented with the classic interface, looking exactly as it has always done.

You are given the expected field of squares, and touching one of them will either remove it if it safe, or activate a mine and a game over message. A quick tap of the mode button allows you to place markers to remind you where you think any mines may be, and there is the timer and mine counter at the top along with the classic smiley face.

It is satisfying and safe, and it is only when you press the menu button that you can change things around. The fact that the classic mode is the default instead of some of the more crazy options is a good idea, as it helps ease you into the title.

There are a lot of options here, and all of them are welcome.

On a basic level you can select from three pre defined minefields, Beginner, Intermediate and advanced, as well as a Custom option that allows you to choose the amount of mines and playfield size. There are five different themes to choose from, most of which are pleasing on the eye and while it is nice to have the option I would think mast people will stick to the classic theme.

You can also alter almost any aspect of the gameplay, such as sounds, auto save, what the game does upon a game over, whether there is scroll bounce etc. A great addition is the Quick Change Mode, switched off by default, that lets you change between clearing squares and dropping flags by touching an empty square. This option really lets you improve your times.

Talking of times, there is a comprehensive statistics screen that records everything you do, including your longest winning streak, the amount of games won and so on. There are stats for every mode, and the included Game Center integration even allows you to post scores online.

The game is ad supported, but can be upgraded with a small purchase to remove the ads.

Overall, while this game is never going to se the world alight, it is a decent, solid update of a timeless classic, and if you are in the market for some Minesweeper, then this should be your first port of call.


Minesweeper Q Platinum - Spica


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