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Moving. It is a big task filled with big decisions. Not only can it be exciting, but it can be very stressful. Help of any kind during your move is always a must. That’s why the moveCHECK app by SaltMines Group, LLC is here to make your move as smooth as possible. Here is the app’s full description

Relax…Moving is stressful and moveCHECK is here to help. Designed by moving experts to help you organize, simplify and save time while moving, moveCHECK moveCHECK image 2provides custom task lists and localized contact information for finding the best moving company, packing supplies, storage units, utility providers along with many move related services. By entering only zip codes and a moving date, the choice is in your hands on who you want to connect with. The app helps simplify each step of the move process and who can help you move into your new home faster than ever. We have also partnered with companies along your move journey that offer special deals and advice. So, let moveCHECK be your guide to make your move less stressful and save you valuable time and money. Welcome to moveCHECK – you be in your new home before you know it!

– Ability to call vendors in 2 steps, Call now feature added.
– Feedback section added for customer feedback.

moveCHECK starts off with a sign-up screen that has options to join with a Facebook login, or email registration. If you just want to browse the app you can choose Look Around to try it out without the sign-up. Next, enter your move details providing the zip codes you are moving from and moving to and what date you plan to move. Select all of the categories you think you will need during your move. These include packing, movers, utilities, storage, pets, etc. Once you have determined you have checked all the services you will need, proceed to the next menu. Here you will see all of those service categories divided into cards. A quick visual tutorial will show you how to change categories and start, view and complete tasks. There is also a tip area in each card for helpful info during your move planning. If at any time you need to adjust your categories, the menu in the top right will take you back where you can check and uncheck what you need. You can even change the way the app looks by adding a custom background.

When I think of moving, I think of all of the costs involved, and that adds to my stress. What I love about moveCHECK is it helps ease that stress with money-saving coupons and offers. While you coast through each item on your checklist, moveCHECK provides coupons and deals in your area you can use. If you have any questions, you have the ability to call vendors right within the app! Need more advice, use the chat function for help. This app really has everything for someone who needs to move.

moveCHECK does what it says it does, it keeps you organized, simplifies the process and saves time and money. It is an absolutely fantastic way to prepare for your next moving adventure. moveCHECK is available in the App Store now for free.


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