MOXY Voter Laws Forums Podcast iPhone Review

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It is more important than ever to keep up to date with what is going on in the world of politics. Sources are abundant so it can be hard to find what you are looking for with the amount of internet news sites available. MOXY Voter Laws Forums Podcast app makes it easier as it houses all things political in one place. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

MOXY is your app for bringing political change into the 21st century. Follow news, take surveys and polls, get the latest election coverage and make your voice heard.

Politics impact every aspect of our lives, it’s only right that you can impact politics too. Take part in the political process with the latest news, information, live streams and discussions on MOXY.

Join forums to discuss current events and issues that matter to you. You’ll find active discussions on economics, foreign policy, immigration, health care and more. Debate, discuss and gain a better understanding of today’s biggest issues.

Take surveys and polls focused on issues that matter. Vote and give voice to your opinions about laws, social issues and more.

View the profiles of government officials to learn about your local, regional and national elected representatives. Then leave a rating and review to let your representatives know what you think of them.

Read legislation, learn about upcoming elections, find podcasts and watch live streams to help you stay informed about every issue. Help bring social change online and on your phone with MOXY.

Registration for MOXY requires a mobile number and email address. Continue with address verification. This information allows MOXY to connect you with elected representatives in your area. Finish setting up the profile with name, birth date, and gender. Add issues of interest that are important to you like abortion, health care, gun control, etc. Additional details can be added like children in the household, homeowner information, occupation, and education to help the app cultivate content that is most relevant to you, but this can be skipped if you wish. Lastly, indicate if you are registered or need to register to vote.

Once the profile is filled out, personalized national news stories will be loaded into the app. Like a social media feed, just scroll through the timeline of stories and tap on the ones you want to read. Aptly named, MOXY keeps you up to date with issue-specific news items through political forums, posted voter laws, and podcasts. Even better is all your election information is in one place, with news stories, candidate and jurisdiction information, legislation, and ways to message your representatives.

The layout is simple and easy to navigate for anyone. The main toolbar houses each section and runs along the bottom of the app. MOXY is loaded with resources but it also includes interactive options as well. Chat with other members, complete surveys, or start a live stream. The free version does include some ads, but they are very small and non-disruptive. Premium subscribers can pay a monthly or yearly fee to dismiss the ads and add live streaming.

The MOXY Voter Laws Forums Podcasts app is available now for free in the App Store. Android users can also find it on Google Play.


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