My Calorie Limit iPhone Review

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itunes iconOne of life’s biggest questions; How can I lose weight? It is one that has been answered over and over but continues to be asked because the answer isn’t so simple for everyone. My Calorie Limit – Weight Loss Calculator app by Ove Tammer wants to change that by giving us an answer that finally works.

Here is the app’s full description:

Do you know how many calories you should consume per day to reach your goal weight?My Calorie Limit image 2

This FREE weight loss calculator app does!
By regulating the amount of energy we give our bodies with food, we can induce weight loss 
and gain.
If we feed our body more energy than it burns, we will gain weight.
This is known as a “calorie surplus.”
On the other side, if we feed our body less energy than it burns, we will lose fat.
This is known as a “calorie deficit,” and it’s fundamental when it comes to losing weight.
If you keep your body in a negative energy balance over a period of time, your total fat mass will go down. Period.
WHAT you eat doesn’t determine whether you lose weight or not… It’s HOW MUCH you eat that does.
Our weight loss calculator app will tell you how many calories you should consume per day to reach your goal weight.
What makes our app different from other diet and weightloss apps?
Because we launched a simplistic and user friendly app without tons of features and only focused on the most important part , and that is HOW MUCH you can eat per day.
We recommend our app for anyone who wants to lose weight, maintain weight or even gain weight.

Most everyone knows you have to burn more calories and eat less when it comes to shedding pounds. What most people lack is the knowledge on just how to do that. Unless you see a nutritionist you might simply be guessing at the magic number that should be your daily restriction. My Calorie Limit is an app that brings weight loss to its most simplistic form. No diaries to mess with or login to. Just add your relevant data and let the app determine your individual calorie limit.

Simply launch the app and set your current weight, your goal weight and activity level with the sliders provided. The information that is input will determine and assign you an appropriate daily calorie limit to reach your goal weight. The weight is translated into pounds and kilograms for easy configuration and if you’re not sure exactly how active your activity level is there are suggestions for setting that as well. That’s it. That is all you need. With that number you can set an applicable diet for your life style to manage your weight loss. What’s even better is the calculations have been confirmed by the developer who tested it during his own struggle to lose weight. Want a few tips to get started? For only $1.99, you can purchase additional diet tips from their nutrition and weight loss experts.

My Calorie Limit is definitely a no frills take on weight loss and works exactly as advertised. For some it may lack features so many other apps provide, but I think it is perfect for any beginner taking the first step. My Calorie Limit is available now for free in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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