My Wow: Event Video Maker iPhone Review

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As convenient as it is to always have a camera in your pocket, it is increasingly easy to take far too many pictures on any occasion, and narrowing down the selection for sharing on social media can be a chore. Then there is the constant problem of storage. My Wow: Event Video Maker app helps users with all of these issues and more. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

My Wow is a simple but powerful video creation and media sharing tool that lets you convert your favorite photos and videos into highlight movies.

1. Create groups
2. Add friends and family so everyone can share content
3. Easily access shared media and create video reels of the best moments

No more asking “Can you send me that picture?”

My Wow’s Features:

Create Highlight Reels
• Compile your favorite photos and videos together into a movie with just a few taps
• Simple, intuitive, easy to use video tools to Wow you and everyone you share your videos with.

Share Your Memories

• Create groups with friends or family by invitation.
• Everyone in the group can share the photos and videos they took for an event to make their own movies of their own personal favorite highlights of the event
• Upload pictures to My Wow instantly and let other group members download them whenever they want.
• Keep special memories personal. Even within your group, select which members are allowed to access which photos or videos you upload.


The My Wow app eases the process of organizing and sharing photos and videos by allowing users to create events and collaborate with participants to make a custom movie everyone can enjoy and share. To start, register an account or choose an existing login for Apple, Facebook, etc., along with a mobile phone number. Allow the app to access required permissions such as the photo library and network. Then begin creating memories and events for personalized video reels.

My Wow has two modes for video creation. Wow Us and Wow Me. Wow Us allows future events to be scheduled and participants for those events invited so everyone in attendance can share photos for the highlight reel. Wow Me is for creating memory reels right from the camera roll to share to friends and social media. All it takes is a little bit of setup; Name the event, location, date, and time. Send invites to users who would like to contribute photos and clips. The app will automatically create the memory selecting from photos in those parameters. Easily edit to preference swapping photos and clips and even applying custom music.

I love the idea My Wow has constructed, especially the capability of adding pictures with a group. It did take me some tweaking to get things just the way I liked, but my end result was pretty good. The interface is easy to navigate and editing is also intuitive and similar to other programs which felt comfortable to use. iOS does do something similar to this in the Photos app with past memories, though there are much fewer custom options and no group compilation for one shareable file. All features are free, though there is a watermark on the final output and some ads when sharing after the completion of the video. Users can remove the watermark and add access to premium features with a $2.99 monthly or $29.99 yearly subscription.

My Wow: Event Video Maker is definitely one of a kind and for any photo junkie looking for a better way to share their snaps. The app is now available for free on the App Store.


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