MyQuikVid Android Review

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MyQuikVid, available for Android through the Google Play store for both smartphones and tablets, is a great all in one solution to editing and sharing videos on multiple social networks. With the recent dominance of videos on sites like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, the need to upload videos individually to each site has grown to be a major annoyance to users.

That isn’t even taking account users who wish to edit videos before uploading them, who would need yet another app to edit the videos, or risk using the built-in tools of each service which just adds even more time spent uploading and editing. MyQuikVid solves all of this by having every function you could possibly need in one app.

With MyQuikVid, you can shoot your video within the app, then use extensive editing tools (if you wish to) within the app, then upload to four social network sites with one button press, yes you guessed it, from within the app. If that sounds complicated to you, then rest assured that it has an incredibly easy to use interface, which in my opinion is the best in its class.

It is one of those apps that make you wish that your phone just did this out of the box. Yep, it is that good.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– Fast and effective
– Simple and intuitive video sharing
– Upload videos on multiple social media accounts at the same time
– Works with the most popular video sharing websites
– Great video editing features
– Free

You can also pick videos from your phone’s gallery to upload, instead of shooting from within the app. That brings me to an important part of my recommendation, as to get the most out of this app you really have to train yourself to get into the habit of using this as your primary video taking app, instead of using whatever camera app is built into your phone. Do this, and you will never look back as the other option of using three or four apps to replicate the functionality here just doesn’t cut it.

If you can’t bring yourself to stop using your built-in camera app, you are missing out on removing another massive step on your regular video use. The app is free to use and ad-supported, with the option to purchase an ad-free version if you so choose.

MyQuikVid has a superb interface, with particular mention going to the frankly excellent video editing tools, and an easy, intuitive design that gives genuine value to the user, and as such it comes highly recommended.


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