NeedUNow iPhone Review

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When there is an emergency, these days it can be hard to get through. Though every person has a phone in their pocket, messages can be easily silenced and even overlooked. NeedUNow: Urgent Alerts App assists users get through when instant notification is needed. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

New Emergency Contact Tool from one of the 30 Most Innovative Companies of 2019 *

The NeedUNow app ensures you can immediately get someone’s attention, making it a must-have tool for spouses, parents, caregivers, coaches and small businesses. Send emergency notifications or important alerts knowing your message will be heard.

NeedUNow completes the communication puzzle as the only emergency messaging app that allows you to override a contact’s silent setting when they’re needed immediately but not paying attention to their phone. Silent override is designed to improve your daily life by ensuring your time-sensitive messages are noticed immediately.

The NeedUNow app allows you to send or receive an audible alert that makes noise even if the receiving phone is set to silent. Account creation only requires a name, phone number, and a password. Allow notifications from the app on the device and add a contact to send or receive alerts with. Tap the top left menu icon to reveal this option.

To add a contact, enter the user’s code. This can be shared by the original user via text, email, etc from the app. Once a code has been entered, the contact is added and the ability to send an audible alert is enabled. This will only work one way unless codes are entered into both apps. The app must be installed on both devices as the alert comes through the app and not through text or phone call within the device.

To alert this contact, tap the message icon to the right of their name. Compose the urgent message for the contact and the app will verify it needs to be sent. The contact’s phone will immediately begin ringing without stopping until the user has read the message within NeedUNow. They can even call the originator back right within the app. A Total Silence feature can be enabled for up to 12 hours, which does not allow the audible alert, but still sends a push notification.

I think this is a fantastic tool that can be useful to anyone as a back-up alerting system. From a concerned parent of a child, older family member, or even pending medical situation. It was incredibly easy to set up and in testing, I found it worked just perfectly. I especially like how the alert is loud but not overbearing or annoying, and the included call back function is an added benefit. The app allows the ability to alert up to two contacts for free. To add more, upgrade to the standard plan for $0.99 per month ($9.99 per year) for 10 contacts, or the advanced plan of $4.99 per month ($49.99 per year) for unlimited contacts.

NeedUNow: Urgent Alerts App is the emergency alert everyone needs on their device. It is available now in the App Store for free. Also available for Android.


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