Note To Self Mail iPhone Review

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itunes iconThe convenience of always having a smartphone is there is always a virtual notepad in your pocket. Take down a note, a list or just an idea. There are many note taking apps to choose from in the App Store, which means there is a style of notepad for just about everyone. Bringing you note taking in its simplest form is Note To Self Mail by Mathias Lipowski.

Here is the app’s description:

note-to-self-mail-image-1“Note To Self Mail” is the fastest way to send your notes into your inbox. Fast and without much effort and detours. You could say: it’s the quickest app for your note.

“Note To Self Mail” is not intended to manage your notes, but it offers everything you expect from a note app:

– Write notes
– Attach photos or files
– Create sketches

In addition, the app offers the possibility to specify different e-mail addresses as recipients and it allows you to send the notes via your own e-mail account.

Suggestions or feedback?

What’s New in Version 1.1.1
Images say more than thousand words: add fotos, sketches and other files to your notes. Minor bug fixes.

Note To Self Mail app brings simple note taking to its bare bones. Just one step to set you up: Add your email address. That is it.  Now you can start creating notes. Type away whatever you would like and then hit the send button to instantly send the note to your inbox. Notes that are sent will be from the Note To Self Server. This clean, easy to use format is free, and includes no annoying ads.

If you are looking for a bit more, Note To Self Mail has some other handy features that can be added if you upgrade to the pro version. This includes adding photos, sketches and files to your notes. There is also the added benefit of adding multiple email addresses to send to as well as from a private email account instead of the Note To Self Server. The upgrade to pro is a small in-app purchase of $1.99, well worth the money for the added features. I especially like the sketching ability. It is helpful when needing to jot a note down with your own handwriting or simply brainstorm an idea and then send it quickly to be stored in your email. The other advantage of this design is all of your notes will be in your inbox for easy access later from any device. Not for sure I will totally abandon my Apple Notes app for this one, but it is a solid competitor.

Note To Self Mail is a cut and dry, straight to the point note taking app. Add the frills of the pro version features and you have a solid app to jot all your notes quickly and easily. The app is available now in the App Store for free.


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