Number Knight Android Review

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Number Knight by Vermilion Giant teaches you to defeat monsters… and math. Here is the app’s full description:

Dungeons! Monsters! …Math?
You are the only remaining Number Knight, and it is up to you to explore the deep, dark dungeons below, and rescue your fellow Knights.

Explore dungeons!
Evade traps!
Slay monsters!
Solve some math!
Defeat bosses!
Level up!
Save the world!

Each dungeon features randomized traps, columns for cover, enemies, and math problems. Math game modes include: MULTIPLES, FACTORS, PRIME NUMBERS, and EQUALITY. Test your skills with 3 different difficulty levels for both Math and Monsters.

Number Knight will always be free and ad supported, but if you like what you see consider purchasing the paid version to remove all ads.

Now get going, adventure awaits!

Number Knight is a game that combines math with classic style gaming. First, tap New Game to start and type in your name. Select the game modes you would like including multiples, factors, primes and equality. You can also set the math and monster difficulty between one and three stars. The story begins with your knight in a castle dungeon. Move your him by tapping the arrows up, down, left or right. It is also mentioned, you can use the arrow buttons on an attached keyboard if you have one. Tap the highlighted squares to auto-move to that place as well. Avoid traps like spikes and fire that can cause you damage, and find potions to heal your knights wounds. Now the math comes in. The squares fill with numbers and you are ordered to capture the tiles that are multiples of 10 by tapping on your player, or by pressing the space bar. The monsters are added to the game board but you can defend yourself by tapping the enemy to attack. Grab all the multiples of ten and defeat the monster. Now your training is complete and you can move on. Your mission as the only remaining knight is to rescue the others within the dungeon and return peace and safety to this world once again.

The tutorial for Number Knight is very thorough. I understood how to play and what I needed to accomplish. I started my journey at a one star level to test it out. Every level has a new math quest at the top of the screen and monsters invade the dungeon to stop you from completing it. There is also a time limit to finish the mission, so you have to be quick. You are then scored on how well you did. The Monster Manual will give you information about the enemies you will encounter and can help you prepare as you get farther along. I love that there is a clear-cut mission and it takes math skills to get it done. The created learning adventure is exciting and doesn’t feel like homework. The retro eight-bit style graphics are fitting and the music is really great. There are ads on the bottom of the screen, but these can be removed with a small $1.99 in-app purchase.

Number Knight is very well made and a delight to play. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a true challenge of the mind. The app is available now for free on Google Play. Also check out their website at


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