Nursery Rhymes Android Review

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Apps for the little ones are a roaring success, and though we are always looking for ways to entertain the little busy bodies, we want something appropriate and engaging. Sometimes the simplest ideas will do. The Nursery Rhymes app by brings classic children’s rhymes to life to enjoy. Here is the app’s description:

Kids love interactive nursery rhymes and child songs. We have one of the best ones all featuring unique artwork and appealing graphics and sounds. Each of the popular nursery rhymes includes interactive animations which play out the actions of the song when tapped. Explore one of the best song rhymes for kids and see why this app is one of the best free educational offline apps for kids.

All of the most popular child’s songs are included and are all playable offline. They are a must for every kid and a fun family activity. Expect wonderful animations, smooth performance and HD sound quality. It is a great entertaining family activity! ?

The words of each song are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Turn on Karaoke Mode in the settings to sing along to the songs with background music only. Animations and background music can be controlled!

✅ Baa Baa Black Sheep
✅ Ding Dong Dell
✅ Hey Diddle Diddle (the Cat and the Fiddle)
✅ Jack and Jill
✅ Here we go round the Mulberry Bush
✅ Three Blind Mice
Sing and enjoy with your kids with one of the best learning apps for kids.
All of the best kid’s songs ready to be played and enjoyed offline.
See why for years’ nursery rhymes songs are the best and most entertaining free toddler apps!
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Six popular nursery rhymes are included on the main menu of Nursery Rhymes, including Baa Baa Black Sheep, Hey Diddle Diddle, and Three Blind Mice. All are animated depictions of the rhymes. Just touch the square to listen to the chosen tune and the selected song and animations will begin. The words to the song will appear at the bottom, highlighting the word being sung at the time, just like a karaoke screen. This allows the little one to follow along and learn the words to each rhyme. There is also a hand icon that pops up on the screen to indicate the child should touch the screen when it is time for the animations to change.

The illustrations of each rhyme are very colorful and the animations are simple but certainly entertaining for children. I thought they were very charming with the exception of the Three Blind Mice depiction of the farmer’s wife chasing the blind mice with a very large knife, which was a little alarming. Keep in mind,these sing-a-longs are quite old and may not make sense to your little one but they are familiar. The nursery rhymes in the app are also not timed and will play repeatedly until you exit back to the menu, which may be a little mind numbing for parents. The app is ad-supported with ads appearing sometimes right in the middle of playback. They are easily closed and only mildly intrusive. Settings include the ability to turn off and on background music and vocals, a karaoke mode, and an autoplay for animations that does not require touching the screen, which was something my kiddo actually preferred.

This app is very easy to use, especially for younger children and is as entertaining as the classic rhymes themselves. The Nursery Rhymes app is available now on Google Play for free.


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