Parallax 3D Live Wallpaper: Mountain Skyline Android Review

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Parallax 3D Live Wallpaper: Mountain Skyline in HD, available for Android phones, tablets and other devices though the Google Play store, is one of the nicest 3D style live wallpapers we have seen in quite some time here at The Smartphone App Review.

The app features a live wallpaper that has an excellent parallax effect that you can choose to link to your tilt sensor. With an additional spinning layer, the effect can be pretty intense if you turn the settings all the way to the top.

However, once you find a good mix of settings (and the default options are good), the app really helps bring the Android home-screen to life, and it looks superb on big screened phone and tablets.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

★ Low battery consumption
★ wow your friends with this stunning illusion!
★ Free effects
★ Total of 11 effects!

One thing that struck me with this app was the unique way you unlock more content. The app is free to download, and will work great ‘out of the box’ with a free image, ability to increase the rotation speed of the background, rotate it backwards and choose to have the parallax effect linked to the tilt of your phone.

This is pretty decent for free, but if you want to unlock more you have a few options. You can simply unlock everything for a couple of dollars, or watch some ads and login with Google to start permanently unlocking the images for free. This is a nice way to give users choice.

Images are currently limited to different versions of the same backdrop, but I hope that will change soon, especially with the ‘create wallpaper’ option that is listed as coming soon within the app.

Overall, a great free option for Android users looking to liven up their device.


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