The Pig Prince Android Review

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Help the Pig Prince on his journey to escape the evil witch that has changed his form. Hop as fast as you can and try not to burst your bubble in The Pig Prince. Here is the app’s description from the Google Play Store:

The Pig Prince is simple to play but hard to master.

This is a fairy tale about the endless journey of little pig to escape the wizard.

The game was decorated by delightful visuals and relaxing sounds. Wonderful experience for who want to challenge sensitivity and memory.

Game Features:
– Free to play
– Endless gameplay
– Simple gameplay
– Jump game style
– Funny obstacles
– Very challenge
– Many SUITS (skins character) to unlock ( panda, monkey, dragons… )

– Unlock SPECIAL SUITS with best score target
– Crazy replay
– Challenge your friend with the best high score

The story is told of a prince who was messing with a witch, that then turned him into a pig. He has now disguised himself into a pink bunny costume to keep the witch from detecting him. Navigate the Pig Prince by tapping the “x” and “o” buttons to jump on bubbles that correspond with those letters. Cross the bubble bridge carefully but quickly and avoid the bubbles that change symbols as pressing the wrong button will cause you to fall into the witch’s brew. Other obstacles encountered include sharp bubbles that will end your turn early, so beware. Watch that timing bar as you jump, as this indicates the amount of time your bubble will last before it bursts beneath your feet. Collect coins to spend on new suits for the Pig Prince and further him on his journey.

Colorful graphics paired with creepy, but effective sound effects make this game intriguing and fun to play. The level is never the same every time so you are always in for a challenge. Video ads are included in between rounds, which cannot be skipped. They aren’t too bothersome, but an in-app purchase of $0.99 will remove these permanently if you wish. The video ads can be helpful as well as voluntarily watching one will reward you with a free gift such as a new disguise. Other in-app purchases are available for buying different suits directly without having to earn enough coins by playing over and over. The coins are sparsely scattered in the level so it will be a while before you earn any.

If found the app fun and challenging to play. The pig and witch characters are very unique and entertaining. I did have an issue where the Home button would take me to the Facebook page, but other than that, functionality was great. It is an endless runner that keeps things interesting and always leaving me wanting to try again to beat that last score. The app has included a share feature to post your score for friends on social media so you can compare and challenge each other as well.

See how long you can last in The Pig Prince. The app is available now for free on Google Play. It is also available for iOS in the App Store.


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