Plai iPhone Review

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Plai, available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple App Store, and for Android through the Google Play Store is a free digital marketing app, aimed at small businesses and entrepreneurs.

There have been apps similar to this released before, but this is the first one we have come across that is completely free to use. The app allows you to set up mini campaigns, called building buzz here, aimed at getting your store app or any small business to the top of Google for the keywords you require.

Plai is really easy to use and set up, so much so that you really don’t need any marketing experience to begin using it. It allows you to use Google ads including YouTube ads, to market your idea or business and it claims to be able to get you to the top of Google or YouTube in 4 clicks.

While it is possible to get things done on here in 4 clicks, there is obviously no guarantee that you are actually going to be at the top of search listings, although this app can really help.

Here, straight from the developer, are some of the app’s best features:

Marketing agencies are often expensive because digital marketing is hard and time-consuming.

With Plai, you can start solving your marketing challenges today for free with any budget. Get your brand to the top of Google and YouTube in just 4 taps! No experience required. Get started in minutes!

Plai is for small teams, entrepreneurs, and marketers.

It’s free, easy to set up with a few taps, and available on the go.

The app itself is easy to use, and has a lot of relevant features to help the budding marketing gurus out there.

One great little touch is the tips section, with advice and guides on everything from when best to post on Instagram, to ideas on how to increase foot traffic to your physical store.

Plai is well designed, easy to use and has a decent feature set. For the price of free, it will literally cost you nothing to see if the app can help your idea or business grow and get improved rankings on Google and Youtube and for that, it comes recommended.


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