Poop Money Android Review

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So you’re at a job you don’t quite love and always taking your restroom breaks on the clock. Ever wonder just how much those breaks are earning you and costing your boss? Well now you can find out with the Poop Money app by T.N.T. Development. Here is some of the app’s description:

Count the money you earn while you poop at work with a simple entertainment app! This poop timer and calculator will show you exactly how much money you have earned while doing some poopy work poop. We have some great funny content to keep you entertained while you doing your “business” too. 


Use poop timer to get that double satisfaction. The app is ideal if you have a hard or a job that you simply hate! Know how much your awful employer is paying you to poop on a monthly or a yearly basis. You will feel satisfied after the app does the calculations for a longer period of time! 


The poop at work app keeps all of your toilet earned money in a neat and organized way. You will be able to see where and when you’ve spent everything. Your poop salary can be analyzed and you can even see in which day you earned the most.

Poop MONEY features:
– enter your salary earnings per day/week/month
– counts the time you poop
– calculates how much money you are earning for every poop
– shows funny, hand-written stories to keep you entertained
– ability to quick launch the apps you normally use while pooping

Get Poop Money for free and stop asking yourself “How much do I earn while sitting on the toilet?”

When you first launch the app, it will ask you how much you earn per hour, week, or month on the toilet. Fill in the blank for the amount and choose the type of currency. If you would like apps currently installed to be shown in the app bar for easy access you can choose those in this menu as well. This makes them easily available so you can play after you have started your Poop Money counter. Now click start using Poop Money. You will be greeted with a brown screen and Start button with a timer for how long your pants have been down and the amount earned sitting on the john. Tap the Start button and then the steamy poo pile drawing. As you tap the poo cartoon it will tell random facts, stories and even jokes to entertain you while you go to the bathroom.

Now, don’t be mislead, this is an entertainment app as mentioned in the description. You aren’t earning any extra money, just calculating how much you are technically making during your bathroom breaks at your job. By entering in your rate of pay, it will then calculate minutes on the toilet to dollars earned. If you launch the app every time you take a poo break, it will keep track of each time and you can even see an analysis of the total time and money earned for each day. You can even suggest and submit stories you would like the poo cartoon to tell you. The app is certainly interesting, though there are some spelling errors and vulgar language. It does what it says and if this is something you are curious about you will certainly get your answer. Poop Money is available now in the Google Play store for free.



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