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Power Battery, available for Android through the Google Play store, is a multi faceted battery management app that comes with all the bells and whistles that you would expect from an app like this,but goes much further than other apps, with a management system that allows you to tinker away to your heart’s content.

I really loved the way you can use different options to really optimize your battery at all times. I can have it charge in a certain way at different times of the day, and to react intelligently to whatever situation I find myself in.

The features all add together to really help promote the health of your battery. If you start to look after your battery properly, you can genuinely get better battery uptime from your phone. I have only been using this app for a few days, but my Android phone, which usually gets to around 10% by 6PM, is now only getting to that point at 8PM, which is an extra two hours.

For only a few days use, that is a fantastic result, and I would assume that it will only get better with time.


Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Accurately Estimates Remaining Battery Time

Power Saver & Monitor

Charging Booster

List information of device software and hardware

Detail battery information, such as voltage, temperature, capacity, etc.

Customize power saver mode.

Intelligent mode-switching.

Customized Battery Skin

Actually using the app is a complete breeze. Battery information is presented in a clear and concise way, and the various power and charging modes are explained well and are very easy to switch between, and the whole app is very easy to navigate.

The extra features, such as the memory optimizer, are a welcome addition to the suite of features here. If you use this app alongside another one we recently reviewed, Power Clean, you will find that your phone will not only last longer each day, but will run smoother and have more memory.

Power Battery is, like Power Clean, completely free to download and use, and could easily become an essential part of your Android phone or tablet. Highly recommended.


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