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It seems like Android memory cleaners are becoming the most common apps you can find on Google Play these days, as the niche they fulfill has grown so large in recent years. There used to be precious few available, but now there are so many that it can be pretty difficult to choose which one to get, but that is what we are here for.

Power Clean not only ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the feature list expected of an app like this, but it does it with an easy to use interface that is both attractive and intuitive, and all for the best price point of all: free.

What I really liked about the app is that it supports all kinds of users. If you just want something you can run very occasionally, knowing that it will work away in the background then this will do it, but if you are the kind of person that likes to micro manage your device to get every inch of speed and space from it, then Power Clean will also suit you down to the ground.


Power Clean allows you to get rid of junk files which may be limiting your available memory, clean up your RAM to speed things up, remove unwanted apps with a nifty batch uninstaller, and to even stop those pesky pre-installed apps that you never use from running. To many people all that does sound complicated, but the short story is that you tap a couple of buttons and your device will run faster and be able to store more stuff, after using this app.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Junk Clean
Free up storage and optimize performance by removing old junk files and clutter such as system cache, residual file, cleaning out the download folder, and more.

Memory Boost
Clean up memory (RAM) and optimize phone speed by removing redundant background tasks.
Stop auto-start Apps to increase boot speed and reduce memory usage.
1-tap memory cleaner and booster widget makes it easy to clean your phone directly from the homescreen.

App Manager
Easy to batch uninstall unwanted Apps or backup important ones. Disable pre-installed and system Apps.
Scan and clean redundant APK files.

Device Information
Handy status of CPU, memory (RAM), GPU, camera, storage, ROM, battery and hardware features.
Keep track of memory (RAM), storage space and CPU/battery temperature.
Stop Apps from wasting battery life and causing device to overheat.
TuneUp task manager’s memory thresholds to optimize your phone’s performance.

Game Boost
Boost your game speed up to 80%+, say bye-bye to lagging!

Yes, you read that correctly, gamers can boost the speed of their lagging games by up to 80%, which is great news if you have a slightly underpowered device that has always struggled to run the latest games smoothly.

The app is completely free to download, install and use, and is ad-supported, which is fine but I would like there to be an option to be able to pay a fee to disable the ads. Hopefully that is something planned for a future update.

The app itself is incredible easy to use, while still retaining a high degree of flexibility for the power user. That is always a difficult thing to balance, but the developer has got it just right this time, with an app that is as intuitive as it is powerful.

Overall, Power Clean is one of the best memory cleaner and booster apps that we have covered here at the Smartphone App Review, and is highly recommended.


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